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Chinchilla travels to New York today for United Nations General Assembly

United Nations - New York

September 23rd, 2013 ( President Laura Chinchilla will travel to New York today where she will remain all week to participate in the General Assembly of the United Nations.


Chinchilla will also make her last speech before the General Assembly as President of Costa Rica.  Chinchilla will use the forum to raise her concerns over what she considers the “expansionist” actions of Nicaraguan president, Daniel Ortega in recent months.


Chinchilla will speak before the Assembly tomorrow.  According to Communications Minister Carlos Roverssi, Chinchilla will be the spokesperson for the region in the absence of the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto.


Foreign Minister Enrique Castillo has been in New York since Saturday.  He and Costa Rica’s Ambassador to the UN, Eduardo Ulibarri, will accompany Chinchilla in her presentation to the General Assembly.


Castillo also said that President Chinchilla would meet with UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon on Friday to express Costa Rica’s concerns over Ortega.


Chinchilla and the Costa Rican delegation will be expressing their concerns over what they consider the invasion of Costa Rican territory by Nicaragua at Isla Portillo, where Costa Rica alleges that Nicaragua dredged two new channels through the wetlands in an attempt to change the flow of the Rio San Juan by connecting it to the wetlands.  The Rio San Juan defines the border between the two countries.


Costa Rica and Nicaragua have been involved in a number of border disputes since 2010 at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).  Both claim the area of Isla Portillo as their own.


The Costa Rican delegation also plans to make clear its dissatisfaction with Ortega’s threat to claim the Costa Rican province of Guanacaste, as well as Nicaragua’s plans to auction blocks of maritime territory for petroleum exploration which Costa Rica claims as its own territory.


Communications Minister Carlos Roverssi said the Costa Rican delegation is aware that the crisis in Syria occupies much of the attention of the United Nations, but said the situation with Nicaragua “is for us just as important.”

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  • roberto

    Whose private jet did she use this time?

  • disgusted

    What is the priority of Nicaragua now concerning what going on in the world. Syria, Kenya and terrorism.

  • Ken Morris

    I’m actually not opposed to her seeking UN support for the altercation with Nicaragua–nothing wrong with CR defending itself in the UN–but this smacks of substituting xenophobic nationalism for failed leadership. CR’s economy is a mess–a 10% unemployment rate and an underfunded public budget; the prisons are so overcrowded that the court has ruled no more inmates; the real environment that affects humans (air, water, pesticides) is a disaster; corruption is widespread; and so on. Yet she wants to carp about a swamp that is only used by drug traffickers? Talk about deflecting attention away from real problems!

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