German child sex trafficker returns to Costa Rica in handcuffs

September 20th, 2013 ( German citizen and convicted child sex trafficker, Levy Berger was extradited to Costa Rica by Panamanian authorities on Thursday, where he will serve a 10-year prison sentence.  Berger, 72, who also went by the name Rolf Salmon, has been on the run from Costa Rican justice since 2006.


Berger was arrested in November 2012 in Panama, on an international arrest warrant issued by Costa Rican authorities, and his extradition to Costa Rica has been in process since.


Berger’s conviction stems from his time as a partner of the former head of the now-defunct Banco Anglo, Carlos Hernán Robles, who was charged with trafficking children to Guatemala.


Berger was convicted in 2006, but remained on the run until his arrest by Panamanian authorities in November of last year.  Panamanian authorities detained him as he was attempting to travel to Colombia with a false identity.


According to authorities, Berger carried up to four nationalities, including Russian, Cuban, German, and Colombian.

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