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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
20 years

Mel Gibson’s Costa Rican estate is up for sale

Photo courtesy of Christy's International Real Estate. (Click to enlarge)

Photo courtesy of Christy’s International Real Estate. (Click to enlarge)

September 19th, 2013 ( Mel Gibson’s Costa Rican estate – which includes 500 acres of private forestland – is up for sale for $29.75 million.


The property, known as Playa Barrigona, is located in the Nicoya Peninsula between Samara and Nosara.  The three houses on the property overlook the Pacific Ocean.


Each is decorated with native wood and Spanish and Italian tiles and vaulted ceilings.  Of course, there are plenty of areas for entertaining, including a swimming pool and barbeque areas.


The largest villa, called Casa Guanacaste, includes seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms.  The other two villas are two-bedroom.


The property has access to stunning beaches and lots of lush vegetation.


The property is listed with Christie’s.

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  • VickiInCostaRica

    Does this property have EVERYTHING clear with it??? ALL proper permits? NO denuncias/lawsuits?? Just because a property is with a big realtor does NOT always mean EVERY rock has been checked under & I sure wouldn’t want to spend LOTS of $$$ on a property to find out something was wrong with it – like not all parts of it were built with proper permits & the solution they offer is to tear that part down now would you??

    It’s CRUCIAL to make sure of this ALWAYS in Costa Rica as it’s NOT that rare for there to be problems from what MANY have shared with me!!!!

  • NorthendFool

    No house in CR is worth 27mil. Please folks, he will lose his shirt on this one. Its a wonder the locals havent stole everything like they did at my house. Worst investment i ever made was going there thinking we would live in peace.

    • Joe1047

      Where were you living?

    • Chris Thomas

      Darn right this land is worth $5 million at best, he is going to loose big money on this deal all the brookers,lawyers ect. When you see a real estate listing in Costa Rica take 50% and maybe that is what is really worth in most cases they are only worth 30% of the asking price.

  • Ken Morris

    Any owner financing?

  • JSmith

    I thought his place was near the southern tip of the Nicoya, near Santa Theresa?

  • PipeDream

    It’s not just a house. It’s 500 acres with three houses, a restaurant and numerous other improvements, along with valuable/mature teak and mahogany trees. it has a beautiful golden sand beach appx 1 kilometer and another smaller beach. Not all beaches have the lighter, cleaner sand found there. Of course, property is worth whatever someone will pay for it and based on offers from hotels and celebrities prior to Mel Gibson’s purchase, it apparently IS worth the asking price.
    Rest assured, everything associated with this property was done right and has been checked and rechecked.

  • Chris Thomas

    I love Mel but he is an idiot for paying too much for this house, Costa Rican goverment are crooks people need to stop buying land here, all Mel does by buying this house is open their appetite more and drive up the prices, yes hey have Jews here too Mel and Costa Ricans act like Jews hungry piranas for money, people do not invest here or buy anythig here there are better countries in Latin America to invest in. Karma is a bitch CR you guys have been screwing investors for too long word gets around sooner or later.

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