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Oscar Arias blasts the United States over Syria

Oscar Arias

Archive image.

September 17th, 2013 ( Former Costa Rican President Oscar Arias blasted the United States during a conference in Segovia, Spain over the weekend.


Arias criticized the United States for “pretending to be the world’s policeman.”


His statements come in reference to the United States’ ongoing threat of military intervention in Syria.


“We have to accept that the world must be listened to before a country uses military power, because if not credibility is lost; we are no longer speaking of credibility, but of a very large arrogance, of believing themselves superior, and that is not acceptable,” Arias said, referring to the United States.


Arias also “reminded U.S. President Barack Obama that if he intends to seek approval for military action before the United Nations Security Council, that he would be met with rejection not only from Russia and China but a large majority of countries.”


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  • Jorge

    Arias would have been the first to look to the US for help if any military action was taken against Costa Rica. He should be praising the US for wanting to achieve stability in the region. Arias is an ostrich and should keep his mouth firmly embedded in the sand. Didn’t hear a peep from him whilst 100,000 people were killed in Syria, no condemnation of Assad or the rebels (including the Al Qaeda terrorists and Hezbollah that are involved). Is Arias part of the KGB or something? Fortunately for the rest of the World he is a nobody.

  • PublicEnemy2u

    “We have to accept that the world must be listened to before a country uses military power, because if not credibility is lost; we are no longer speaking of credibility, but of a very large arrogance, of believing themselves superior, and that is not acceptable,”
    Well I’m sure the Chinese will send troops to defend Guanacaste from Ortega instead of building that canal.
    Costa Rica seems to be aligning with communists alot lately.
    Maybe that’s part of China’s agreement with Ortega. get CR to sour her relationship with the US and allow the Hague to “look” into the “theft” of Guanacaste. Not a bad plan (for China)

  • disgusted

    When the Nicaragua was having civil war 1980′s. Didn’t Oscar depend on the USA to keep it contained from spilling over into Costa Rica?? Which in turn got him the NOBEL peace prize. This seems to be handed out even to Obama for what? I not exactly sure.

    Okay, Oscar no 911 calls to USA in the future. Let your “police force” handle the job. Obama made a big mistake drawing red lines and double talk on Syria. Was it not Russia supplying the nerve gas in the first place? Now they are going to assist in the destruction? What a sinking mess.

    Communist China laughing at the stupidity of the USA and how all this blew up in Obama’s and Kerry face.Communist China will be the real winners. Just wait and see. Then it will not seem so funny.

    • Jorge

      Soul is sold for a few shark fins and a stadium.

      • disgusted

        and lots of money I am sure as well

        • Jorge

          tut tut…thats slanderous. i am surprised he didn’t change the constitution again so he could be reelected. saprissa stadium needs rebuilding.

        • Andrew

          With a diet of shark fin soup and a few turtle eggs, Oscar keeps his 30 year-old cousin coming back for more…..who wants to spend bribe money on Viagra?

    • Derryl Hermanutz

      And who was sponsoring Nicaragua’s “civil war”? Or have you forgotten about Ollie North and the whole Iran-Contra thing? The US has a long history of military aggression against Central American nations, to make the region safe for the United Fruit Company and other US corporate interests. Arias knows this history. Do you?

      • disgusted

        Derryl, Oh yes I know the history.USA does not have clean hands in this . How far back do you want to go in history? Wars are over territory with resources and money.

        • Derryl Hermanutz

          disgusted: Agreed. It’s not just the US. Every ‘great power’ nation does it. CR just celebrated 192 years of independence from Spanish rule. Aside from the ego-driven wars between aristocrats that fill European history, it’s not even “governments” that are actually pushing countries into wars. It’s financial and commercial interests within nations who stand to gain by the ‘national’ actions. Powerful interests strongly influence, or outright control, governments. Follow the money and you can usually discover the real reason for wars. I don’t believe “chemical weapons” is the real reason Obama was advocating war on Syria, any more than “weapons of mass destruction” was the real reason for the 2003 war on Iraq. We get a “sales job”, a made-up reason that the people will support. The sales pitch usually has nothing at all to do with the real motives for the actions. If you believe the ‘official’ story, the actions make no sense. If you follow the money, the actions make perfect sense. But the people would not support actions that are done for those reasons.

    • Guest

      Dear Disgusted, you forgot to mention that the US and ‘Communist’ China have been doing business since the days Richard Nixon was president. In fact everything fat Americans buy these days at Wal-Mart is made in China. You also forgot to mention that the US is China’s biggest debtor. So you are Chinas’ favorite mistress, not tiny Costa Rica. By the way I had another word in mind, but ‘mistress’ works well.

  • Karen M. Mata

    Interesting study, this guy. He went to Boston following high school, and ended up at BU, rejected at Harvard.
    Nearing 70 years of age and he’s dating his 30 something cousin??
    Admonishing the US (never China of course) over their military, and at the first sign of problems at the CR border they request US marines.
    There is a much darker side, but I’ve gone there and this site will remove such posts.

    • Timothy Williams

      Karen, I can assure you we don’t remove comments here unless they contain an inappropriate amount of foul language, or are otherwise extremely offensive (racism, etc.) However, our comment system (Disqus) will automatically “hide” comments that receive a lot of “down votes” by other readers.

      • Karen M. Mata

        Mr. Williams, I stand by my comment.

        My prior comment from a few years back, which was removed, requested that those interested could google two names which I listed. I certainly understood, as it was quite incriminating. Journalism laws here are not the same as in a normal democracy.

        • Timothy Williams

          Karen, ICR completely changed ownership and staff in September 2012.

          • Karen M. Mata

            Thank you.

            I stand by my comment.

    • Jim Freeman

      You are correct—watch out for the Chinese!

    • garystvshow

      Correct Karen.

    • Pablo Bolaños-Villegas

      1)You forgot to mention his Ph.D. from the University of Essex.
      2)The Costa Rican government has never requested the presence of US marines. We are small fry, so the will never come anyway. And they certainly did not come in 1954 when we were invaded by Somoza either.
      3)Costa Rica is a founding member of the UN, we have vote and have the right to exercise our opinion.
      4)Have the Iraqi WMD’s been found already?
      5)Didn’t Ronald Reagan allow Saddam Hussein to use Sarin gas in the 80′s?

      • Karen M. Mata

        Dear Guest,
        Thanks so much for providing your name. Wonderful way to take a stand. You must be a local.
        The only point that addressed my comment was number 2.
        For sake of brevity, google “Workers World US role in Costa Rica Nicaragua border dispute.”
        In that brief article there is a passage that reads, “The major threat not only to Nicaragua but to the whole region is the deployment last July (2010) of 46 war ships along with 7000 US troops to Costa Rica on the pretext of fighting drug trafficking.”

        Concerning Mr. Arias attending Essex, that only underlines that we was most likely denied admission to Oxford, and is a frustrated anglophile. It has finally dawned on him that he cannot be us, so he hates us.

        3 Yes, I understand the initial charter was for the UN building to be constructed in downtown San Jose. wink wink

        4 SH had stated just prior to the outbreak of hostilities that Iraqi oil would be priced in euros. Ballgame.

        5 You are now straining credulity and patience sir

        • disgusted

          Karen, He changed his name to guest I suppose he had second thoughts using his name Derryl Hernmaultz he also edited it in his response to me. Karen I enjoy reading your responses and information.

          • Karen M. Mata

            Thanks for the kind words.

            You’ve got a great moniker. You and me too.

        • Frank Castle

          On point 5, the USA was helping Saddam in the Iraq/Iran war in the 1980′s and stopped action in the U.N. calling on Saddam to stop using chemical weapons which included Mustard gas and Sarin. Saddam later gassed the Kurds with same Sarin in the late 1980′s. So, the guest poster is correct.

        • Guest

          I don’t feel that much appreciation for Oscar Arias, but he has made a point, and many people agrees with him. The point is the US lost any credibility it had by launching a war in Iraq based on shoddy intelligence.You can go to YouTube and watch Colin Powell deliver his famous report at the Security Council. He lied to the UN. And I am pretty sure the British MPs remembered that speech well and all the lies in it, since they denied Cameron the right to invade Syria.

          • Karen M. Mata

            I addressed all of your irreverent, scatter shot issues previously, sir. Please review my response.

            A pretext is often used in war, sir.

            Now it seems you are backing and filling as you too are turning against OA..??

            My problem with him and yourself is that since CR’s infancy as a republic CR has relied on the US to nurture her financially (to the tune of several billion) and militarily (as cited in prior response).

            Your President (famous for her recent jetting exploits) attended Georgetown. I am willing to wager this was on a US scholarship, and with affirmative action benefits.

            Back a couple of decades when CR could no longer pay the interest on their bonds, and were on the brink of financial collapse, who was it that not only paid the interest, but paid off the bonds to the tune of billions in present value? The US.

            I have also lived in Puerto Rico where I observed the exact ingratitude that I find here. Could it be that particular race shares an inbred blind spot or is it just the result of arsenic rot?

          • Guest

            I am not interested in discussing your racist views.

          • Karen M. Mata

            There was certainly no racism in any of my statements. It’s prohibited on this board, and would have never posted.

            When all else fails cry racism. That’s an often used tactic. Good luck with it, sir.

      • Frank Castle

        Costa Rica got airplanes (P-51D Mustangs from the USA) in 1955, not 1954. 3 of them were used against the Calderonista rebels that invaded from Nicaragua with Somoza’s support early on. So Costa Rica has had American support during one of its wars.

  • John Dungan

    So typical of this guy, and his nation. His remarks are a day late, and a dollar short, as events have already moved past those things to which he alluded. Where the hell does he get off making any comments on international events that simply do not include him or his nation?

  • Andrew

    So as far as Oscar is concerned killing your own people, women and children included, with nerve gas, is perfectly acceptable. What a tool.

    • Frank Castle

      And helping Al Qaeda Islamic rebels who are killed Christians in Syria is your answer. The correct course of action is to REDUCE the number of weapons in the region so as to REDUCE the violence. Right now, it’s the USA, UK, France, Saudi, Islamic rebels, etc vs. Russia, China, Iran, Iraq (yes, Iraq), Hezbollah, and of course, Syria on the other.

      Lets do our best to eliminate and stop chemical weapons but not just bomb the crap out of a country that is having a civil war that doesn’t really affect us.
      Enough of the NeoCons.

  • disqus_r8w0IwvvLw

    I support Arias. ANYONE who wants peace and not war is more evolved. Regardless of invoking the USA to help at time, so many presidents and ex-presidents want PEACE and bombing Syria, killing more of its people in the name of peace by the USA is double speak. Wake up people!

    • Andrew

      Actually it was the THREAT of military force that prompted Syria’s thug president to “agree” to doing away with his chemical weapons. Whether or not this becomes an actuality is another thing all together. Putin is a proven liar as is his Syrian counterpart. Together, they’ve bought themselves some time to potentially kill more innocent Syrians and hide existing stockpiles. Perhaps you’re the one who needs to wake up.
      Trust these two thugs? Be my guest….

  • garystvshow

    Palabras de deprication del dictador Oscar Arias? Piense otra vez.

    Gary Christensen TV Show and Human Rights Costa Rica

    La Asamblea Legislativa de la República de Costa Rica:

    La Corte Suprema de Oscar Arias y su mano elegida marioneta Zarella Villanueva y El fiscal Jorge Chavarría permiten, deje “un ente como la Policía Presidencial -la DIS, que, en contradicción con el artículo 11 de la Constitución Política, no rinde cuentas, no suscribe informes ni asume responsabilidad por lo que (los crímenes) hace(n).”

    Ellos tienen casi inmunidad total de cualquier delito que cometieron.

    La Policiá Presidencial – la DIS de ( PLN de Oscar Arias, Johnny Araya, Rodrigo Arias, Jose Figueres, Repretel, la Extra, La Nación… hacen ) extorcion, espionaje y persecución de (miles y miles) ciudadanos”

    En contra de la Constitución de Costa Rica y las leyes de la tierra, el PLN – Oscar Arias, Rodrigo Arias, Johnny Araya, La Extra – Iray Gomez, La Nación – Luis Liberman, Manuel Jimenez, Los EEUU, CIA, Repretel – Angel González, Canal 7 – Olga y René Picado, Pilar Cisneros, Ignacio Santos… participaran en, connivencia y encubrimiento Constitucional y flagrante violaciónes de los derechos humanos por parte del dictador y del de facto Presidente de Costa Rica Oscar Arias y su mafia.

    Los ciudadanos están bloqueados, negó, amenazado, golpeado de sus derechos de reparación judicial y perseguir litigio constitucional en contra de patrocinar el terrorismo de Estado del Arias Cabal.


    Universidad de COSTA RICA

    ““La Policia Presidencial – La DIS han servido como eficaz instrumento para toda clase de abusos de poder por parte de las élites dominantes ( del PLN, Oscar Arias, Jose Torres, Rodrigo Arias, Johnny Araya, La Nacion, Canal 7, Repretel, Grupo Sama, Teletica, los transnacionales, la CIA, la NSA, los EEUU…) que las controlan (la DIS).”

    “La Policía Presidencial – la DIS y los élites dominantes 1) — violando derechos constitucionales– a varias miles de personas y La existencia de la DIS viola la Constitución Política de Costa Rica, el artículo 11, inciso 2 de la Convención Americana sobre Derechos Humanos y otros instrumentos internacionales ratificados por Costa Rica.

    Viola una norma esencial de cualquier estado democrático, y es que la investigación sobre los ciudadanos deber estar regida por un debido proceso y por un órgano jurisdiccional. Punto. Lo demás son pretextos antidemocráticos.”

    Por parte de la Corte Suprema, “Por su naturaleza, la DIS es una instancia que no responde a la rendición de cuentas (Articulo #11) que se exige a la gestión del Estado costarricense”

    Desde 2006 los funcionarios gubernamentales, investigadores, los jueces, las victimas y abogados en la Corte Suprema, Tribunales de Justicia, La Universidad de COSTA RICA y La Policía Publica…, han estado informándonos que los jueces de la Sala IV – Mag. Fernando Castillo Víquez, Mag. Ernesto Jinesta Lobo, Mag. Luis Paulino Mora Mora, Magtra. X – Ana V. Calzada Miranda, Mag. Gilbert Armijo Sancho, Mag. Fernando Cruz Castro y Mag. Paul Rueda Leal se metódicamente arrojando miles y miles de AMPAROS relacionados con actividades criminal de los funcionarios del Gobierno y la Policía Presidencial de Oscar Arias, Johnny Araya, Rodrigo Arias, La Nacion – Luis Liberman …en la basura.


    Gary Christensen Channel 19 News Report

    “Oscar Arias, Luis Paulino Mora, Zarella Villanueva el PLN… block Constitutional rights of 1000′s of Amparos”


    La sistema judicial ha sido secuestrado por la corrupción, nepotismo, el poder, la codicia, la vanidad propia y autoengaño del Arias – Nacion – Teletica – Repretel…oligarquia.

    La Corte Suprema de Zarella Villanueva y El fiscal general de Costa Rica, Jorge Chavarría han dado “El PLN – La Institucionalización del Crimen Organizado” del Gobierno de Oscar Arias, La Policía Presidencial – La DIS, Johnny Araya, La Nación, Canal 7, Repretel, Rodrigo Arias…) casi inmunidad total de cualquier crimen que cometieron.


    FUNDEHUCA, San Pedro

    “Dentro del Poder Judicial (Y DEL PODER EJECUTIVO COMO LA POLICIA PRESIDENCIAL – LA DIS – LA DIRECCION DE INTELIGENCIA Y SEGURIDAD, (la Polica Presidencial – la DIS of Oscar Arias, Jose Torres, el PLN, Johnny Araya, Laura Chinchilla, Rodrigo Arias, el PLN, La Nacion, Canal 7, Repretel… ,)

    LA CUAL CONTROLA A LOS CIUDADANOS SIN RESTRICCION NI CONTROL ALGUNO Y CON GRANDES SUMAS DE DINERO, SEGUN SU PROPIO DIRECTOR LO DIJO AL PERIODICO LA NACION EWN EL MES DE JUNIO DE 2009) existen cuerpos policiales ( La Policia Presidencial del de facto Presidente Oscar Arias) mas o menos secretos con vocacion ultrarrepresiva.

    redadas – a las casas y las Iglesias






    “el periódico La Nación -vocero oficial del aparato oligárquico de este país y de las empresas trasnacionales-”


    Gary Christensen

    youtube video:

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  • Ken Morris

    Disgusted is misinformed. Arias stood up to Reagan during the 1980s and kicked the US out of Central America, much to Reagan’s annoyance. Don Oscar is no wimp, and has proven that he knows how to do pacifism aggressively. Nevertheless, I am mystified by his cryptic (or cryptically quoted) comments. Would he expect the “arrogant” US to have stayed out of WW II too? Come on, any attack on Syria would not be without humanitarian justifications, namely the possibility of worse suffering without an attack. It sounds like Arias really wants a strengthened UN, and that’s a fair point, but doesn’t everyone including him know that UN authorized military actions are undertaken by the US? I’m inclined to give Arias a serious listen because he has performed stunningly in the past, but I’m not following these cryptic insults against the US at this juncture.

    • disgusted

      Ken, I did not say having troops in Costa Rica. Just the threat of USA intervention. I know some of the covert secret airports and military and CIA being all over in the Guanacaste area.

      • Guest

        Really…… I guess you also have secret information about the aliens in Roswell, or about the thermite Dick Cheney used at the World Trade Center.

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