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US Secretary of State, John Kerry congratulates Costa Rica


September 13th, 2013 ( United States Secretary of State, John Kerry today congratulated the people of Costa Rica on the country’s 192nd year of independence.


“On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of Costa Rica on the 192nd anniversary of your independence. This day is a well-deserved opportunity for the people of Costa Rica to commemorate their heritage as a nation rooted in democracy and peace,” Kerry said in a statement released by the US State Department.


“President Obama’s May visit to San Jose reaffirmed the longstanding bonds of friendship and partnership between the United States and Costa Rica. Together, we have worked on important issues, including democracy and human rights, economic growth, education, clean energy, and security. We look forward to deepening the partnership between our peoples in the year to come,” Kerry’s statement continued.


“On this special day, we celebrate our close collaboration and honor the spirit of Costa Rica and its people. Pura vida, and happy Independence Day!” Kerry’s statement concluded.

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  • mhogan

    I guess Lurch took to heart the Russian Foreign Minister’s remark: “Sometimes diplomacy demands silence” [or at the very least, less braggadocio]

  • disgusted

    Not sure I understand what he doing. Is he henchman for Obama? Red line. He comes out in favor of bombing Syria makes a case for Obama, then 24 hours later Obama says wait till congress approves, then Putin says wait a minute brokering a peace.. This is the same man who was against the war in Vietnam burning hamlets.. Also he wanted the Medal of Honor settled for a silver star. So He will be 72yrs when run for next president is he looking at that if Hillary stumbles?? Obama and Kerry look like twiddle Dee twiddle Dumb and Putin came out on top of all this EH!

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