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Kolbi TV inks deal for advanced, Android-powered TV system


September 12th, 2013 (RealWire) Comigo, the creator of a comprehensive multi-screen TV platform, today announced an agreement with Racsa/Grupo ICE, Costa Rica’s biggest telco company, servicing over 200,000 subscribers throughout Costa Rica. Under the agreement, Comigo will provide its hybrid, Android-based Smart-Set-Top-Box (STB) to Racsa/Grupo ICE along with its backend middleware – delivering best-in-class social and interactive features.

Racsa’s TV service, named Kolbi TV, offers access to over 80 linear channels, a comprehensive VOD library and numerous content sensitive applications. Comigo’s advanced TV platform will enable Racsa/Grupo ICE to gain a significant market differentiation by offering ground breaking features and capabilities to Costa Rican consumers. With Comigo RACSA/Grupo ICE will be able to monetize premium content on multiple screens, promote content through social recommendations, generate micro-targeted campaigns and advertisements and enjoy new revenue streams from interactive, contextual applications (relevant to the viewed shows).

“The TV viewing experience is on the cusp of a revolution,” said Dov Moran, founder and CEO, Comigo. “Viewers want TV anywhere, at anytime, and to share their viewing experiences with friends and family – even at different locations. Service providers need market differentiation and a rich eco-system to delivering a personalised and social user experience. Our solution caters to the needs of both”.

He added, “This is our first foray into Central America, and we are pleased to have RACSA as our partner.”

“TV viewing habits in Costa Rica are evolving fast,” said Orlando Cascante, Commercial Director of Racsa/Grupo ICE. “Consumers want to engage in online social interaction while they watch television. Comigo’s intuitive and best-in-class personalization features will help us to differentiate our product offering and increase our share of a highly competitive market.”

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  • Jimmy Kirk

    Like ICE needs to gain more revenue? With the change they made in internet charges, they should be giving TV free to everyone! I used to have internet that cost 9 mil colones per month, now it is charged by the kbyte and is costing the same for a week as I was paying per month and this is for minimal useage.

  • michaelwink

    Reminds me of Racsa and inking their deal for Fiber to the home. I believe that was supposed to be available 9 months ago…

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