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20 years

British backpacker sentenced to 25 years for murder of Czech volunteer in Costa Rica


September 10th, 2013 ( Alfred Saunders, a 21-year-old British citizen from London, has been sentenced to 25 years in prison by the Criminal Court of San Carlos after pleading guilty to the brutal murder of Czech volunteer and tourist, Alexandra Drbohlavova, 22, while she slept in her tent at an eco-farm in Colonia La Libertad, in Aguas Claras de Upala.  Saunders stabbed the woman 15 times in her face, neck, and chest.  The killing took place on December 28th, 2011.


Family members of the farm owner where the murder took place were able to overpower Saunders after the murder, tie him up, and deliver him to local police.


It later emerged that Saunders, the son of wealthy academics, was allowed to enter Costa Rica the day before the murder despite an Interpol alert describing him as a dangerous individual with a violent background.


The Interpol alert had linked him to a string of offences including sex crimes, possession of explosives and a fatal assault.  The alert also warned that Saunders was likely “to commit offences with minors,” and suffered from mental illness.


Saunders must serve at least half of his sentence in Costa Rica before he can request a transfer to his home country to serve the remainder of his sentence.  He has never revealed his motive for the murder, though it was speculated that the woman may have rejected a sexual advance by Saunders.

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  • prdatki

    This is a prime reason Costa Rica needs the death penalty, why should he be allowed to live?

    • Oliver Wendell Holmes

      Another enlightened post.
      We can all imagine how efficiently Costa Rica’s first class criminal justice system would implement a death penalty.
      And besides guy is insane. Didn’t you red the article?
      What purpose would killing him serve?

  • NorthendFool

    CR is still a magnet for weirdos and people who have no respect for laws and other humans. Con artists from up north are all over the country. Puerto Viejo is full of American criminals. More and better laws pertaining to perpetual tourist will help stop these people from coming back.

    • Oliver Wendell Holmes

      Be careful what you wish for. If that happened, the economy would tank completely.

      • Anthony

        Investors with “The Brothers” said the same thing,”The economy will collapse.” It never did , did it?

    • Guest

      Costa Ricans who read comments here at Inside Costa Rica agree with you.

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