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Costa Rica launches new “brand” but not everyone happy


September 4th, 2013 ( Ditching its “No Artificial Ingredients” slogan, Costa Rica unveiled its new “brand” yesterday with the slogan “Esencial Costa Rica” (Essential Costa Rica), which it hopes will attract more “sophisticated” tourism and foreign direct investment.


Minister of Foreign Trade Anabelle Gonzalez said that the brand aims to highlight the virtues of Costa Rican culture, including the “authenticity and entrepreneurship” that characterizes Costa Rica, as well as the country’s environmental commitment, governance and democratic stability in a troubled region.


The development of the new brand – which consists of the logo and a video – cost $650,000.  The cost does not include the promotion of the brand to the world.


Not everyone is happy with the new branding.  Opposition lawmakers are upset with the colors used prominently in the new branding – white on green – which are the colors of President Chinchilla’s National Liberation Party (PLN), calling the choice a “subliminal message” and in “bad taste.”  Lawmakers pointed out that the national brands of other countries usually include patriotic colors from the flags of each nation.


Marketing experts are also criticizing the new brand, saying that the word ‘essential’ by itself is meaningless.




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  • dark451

    I am nicaraguan and I think this video is awesome. Very well done!!! :D

  • Aitor Xaranga

    Too long, too much content. It tries to appeal to too many and yet achieves the contrary. A series of 30 or 60 second commercials with targeted interests would have been more effective. The Ad agency BLEW IT…along with a lot of money. The quoted figure of $650K is b.s. Can someone show us the real bill?

  • Gene Warneke

    Not covered in your issue today is the proposed increase in the airport exit tax from $29 to $34 to fund higher education. This is just another potential way Costa Rica is gradually killing one of its major income producers, tourism.

  • John Dungan

    Hell, I coulda given them this idea for only a couple hundred grand….in other words, they could have saved, like 450,000 bucks!

  • Scott M

    Wow, 650K for a logo, a slogan that is just not very good and a decent video. That is a contract we all would have liked to have had. Which family member of which family that runs this country got that deal? Bet anything that the uproar will force a change before the year is over.

  • Ken Morris

    So CR is characterized by “authenticity and entrepreneurship”? Come on, I like Ticos, but authentic and entrepreneurial they are not. Ticos themselves will tell you that hypocrisy reigns, and the main entrepreneurs in the country are Colombians, secondarily Nicaraguans. But I suppose this is no bolder a lie than is Tico environmentalism. The only environment Ticos favor is the one that makes them money. Monkeys and turtles pay via the tourists, so they preserve them, but they simultaneously spew raw sewage into the rivers, have hideous air quality, and haven’t gotten around to recycling. Have I mentioned that Ticos are given to hypocrisy?

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