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Pedro Castro joins President Chinchilla in suing businessman over Facebook post

August 30th, 2013 ( Transport Minister Pedro Castro has filed a defamation suit against businessman and hotelier Alberto Rodriguez Baldi, the same man against which President Laura Chinchilla has also filed a lawsuit for defamation.  Both lawsuits pertain to posts made by the businessman on his Facebook profile.


In his Facebook posts, Rodriguez questioned Castro’s relationship with the Brazilian firm OAS, whose controversial concession to expand the highway between San José and San Ramon was rescinded by Costa Rica after public outcry.


Castro’s lawsuit follows President Laura Chinchilla’s defamation lawsuit against Rodriguez, which she filed on June 25th


Chinchilla’s lawsuit was filed just ten days after Rodriguez published a post on Facebook that stated that Chinchilla purchased land worth millions of dollars in Nicoya, Guanacaste.


Rodriguez, who is in the hotel business in La Fortuna de San Carlos, also stated that Chinchilla has business interests in wind energy.


After learning of Chinchilla’s lawsuit, Rodriguez responded by saying that “Doña Laura is free to sure whoever she wishes,” and that the case “seems a golden opportunity to question the President.”

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  • prdatki

    .Good for mr. Baldi and Costa Rica, Donna Chiwawa needs to be in Court and answer a lot of questions. I think most Costa Ricans think she should be in jail with a lot of her crooks.

  • mhogan

    Be very careful of a charge of defamation. It matters not if the accusations are true; so if Mr. Rodriguez thinks this will force information to come to light, he’s mistaken. All the defendants have to show is that their “honor” was damaged (aka: “my feelings were hurt”) and that they were emotionally or materially damaged as a consequence of his words. Most people (and even some lawyers advise their clients) that speaking the truth will set you free. Not so in defamation. Prediction: this will be a no-win for Mr. Rodriguez and he would be wise to find a way out of the mess, not pursue it. Such is the law in Costa Rica.

    • sean

      This is true. Anyone can file a demanda against anyone, for any reason. The facts don’t need to be relevant nor reasonable. rest assured, he will find himself on the defending himself a document of lies.

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