Costa Rican postal officials arrested, used postal system to smuggle drugs

August 29th, 2013 ( The Drug Control Police (PCD) arrested yesterday an Italian and two Costa Rican officials of the Costa Rican Postal Service (Correos de Costa Rica) who are accused of sending drugs to several countries by mail.  The arrests come after authorities conducted six raids as part of the investigation.


The PCD said it began its investigation of the criminal group – which involved a ring of other suspects of various nationalities – in August of 2012.  The ring allegedly sent cocaine to Europe and also brought ecstasy from the Netherlands and Germany to be sold in the local market.


In additional to the Italian citizen and the postal officials, several other suspects and a postal worker have been arrested as part of the investigation, including a Lithuanian, two Romanians, and two other Costa Ricans, one of which was a postal worker in the Escazu branch of Correos de Costa Rica.

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