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Facebook says Costa Rican government asked for user data

August 28th, 2013 ( Facebook released its first “transparency report” Tuesday showing the number of government data requests it receives from governments around the world, and while the largest numbers of requests come from the United States – at least 11,000 it said – Facebook said that Costa Rica has also requested user data.


The report, which comprises the first half of the year, said that Costa Rica made four requests for information on six unidentified users.  Facebook, however, refused Costa Rica’s requests.


The Costa Rican government and President Chinchilla refuted Facebook’s claim yesterday afternoon in a statement, denying it ever made such requests.  The Foreign Ministry and the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) also denied requesting user data.


According to the report, three countries in Central America made requests for data: Costa Rica (4), El Salvador (2) and Panama (2).


Facebook did not disclose a reason why Costa Rica’s requests were declined.  The Facebook report said that at least some data was released in 79 percent of U.S. data requests.


Worldwide, the second largest number of requests came from India, where 3,245 requests were made, affecting 4,144 users, Facebook said. The company provided at least some data in 50 percent of those cases.


The report covers the first six months of 2013, ending June 30th.


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  • Old Nam Warrior

    I’d believe facebook before any politician especially from Pura Vida land

  • prdatki

    It is time for Donna Chiwawa and her crooked friends to be arrested, and do hard labor.

    • Daryl Smitts

      amen to that…

  • John Dungan

    Since nobody has a clue about what any given CR gov’t agency might be doing (especially the bureaucrats who work for them) at any time, it is very likely that one or more agencies made such requests without Laura’s knowledge.

  • Jonathan

    What is a government data request?

    Governments make requests to Facebook and many other companies seeking account information in official investigations. The vast majority of these requests relate to criminal cases, such as robberies or kidnappings. In many of these cases, these government requests seek basic subscriber information, such as name and length of service. Other requests may also seek IP address logs or actual account content.

    We have got to get rid of a corrupt government that is trying to unjustly stop… robberies and kidnappings?

    • mhogan

      Can anyone be this naive?

      • Jonathan

        I guess so. Then again… I suppose it could be true that every single action the government takes is corrupt and illegal… But, it’s also possible that every once in a while it isn’t. 4 requests for Facebook data? Shocking. Unless you have a brain.

  • Ken Morris

    The disturbing thing is that CR denies making the requests.

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