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President Chinchilla will participate in anti-Ortega march

laura chinchilla campaigning

File photo.

August 21st, 2013 ( Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla will participate in a march of protest against Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega tomorrow, officials revealed yesterday.


“The president will attend as an ordinary citizen, along with any ministers who wish to accompany her,” said Minister of Communication, Carlos Roverssi.


The demonstration is being organized by the city council of the city of Nicoya in Guanacaste, to express their discontent with the Nicaraguan president.


Ortega threatened to make a claim to the province of Guanacaste to the International Court of Justice a week ago.


“Given that the circumstances of the issue of (Guanacaste) were never discussed in a court, we may consider taking the case to the ICJ, possibly allowing Nicaragua to recover that territory,” Ortega said.


Follow Ortega’s statement, Costa Rica withdrew its ambassador in Managua, and filed a complaint with the United Nations Security Council.


According to the Mayor of Nicoya, Marco Jimenez, the “March for the Fatherland” is to demonstrate that residents consider themselves “full-blooded” Costa Ricans.


The march will begin at 10 a.m. at the Courts of Justice of Nicoya and will culminate at the Recaredo Briceño Park.



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  • prdatki

    This woman will do any thing to keep from working. What she should do, is audit Congress and her self. Allow drilling off the coast .Then quit and stay out of public life.

  • mhogan

    “an ordinary citizen” with how many bodyguards??? I suppose when your approval rate is that low, you’ll do anything to gain positive attention and draw the public away from failures.

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