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20 years

Three men captured in La Fortuna have been arrested a total of 50 times

August 19th, 2013 ( Tourist Police stationed in San Carlos arrested last week a criminal band known as the “Pocora.”  The band consisted of three two Nicaraguan men, a Nicaraguan woman, and a Costa Rican.


In total, the three Nicaraguans have been arrested a total of 50 times.  The suspect identified by the last names of Alvarado Mena has been arrested for theft and robbery on 23 occasions.  Another of the suspects, last names Perez Aleman, has been arrested for the same crimes 10 times, while the third Nicaraguan, last names Vargas Duarte, has also been arrested for theft and robbery 17 times.


The three suspects were not carrying immigration documents at the time of their arrest, so police handed them over to immigration authorities.


The suspects were arrested near the center of La Fortuna de San Carlos, with a car full of cookies, rice, and toilet paper.


The Costa Rican suspect, who was driving the vehicle, had no police record.


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  • John Dungan

    Boy, that’s show them! Hand ‘em over to immigration, which is one of the least effective agencies in the world! How long before they are back at it, ripping off Ticos, Gringos, and anyone else they can find? I have one word for this situation, which is all too common in Ticolandia: obscene.

    • disgusted

      John I agree with you. The revolving door policy with with thieves and government workers stuffing their pockets , rapist, kidnappers, Sometimes ever murders and drunks drivers crashing into to people and cars making Costa Rica the laughing stock of Central America. I do not think this will ever change. Weak inefficient President, Diputados, and Judges! and no prisons to put them. What a dirty shame.

      • Fhuh Kew

        You’re not being fair ! CR is the laughing stock of the planet ! OK. #2. The USA holds #1

  • roberto

    Same thing happened near Ciudad Colon last month. The owner of a farm said that the crooks may have targeted the home because it was isolated and occupied by
    The assailants were seen in the small village of El Rodeo where they stopped to purchase chicken before the crime. They used the meat to poison the family’s
    dogs. Two dogs later died, and at least two more are sick.
    There may have been as many as five armed persons, including a driver who stayed with the crooks’ car, only 3 were captured.
    Police said that Del Palacio had been detained 20 times for allegations of robbery, aggravated theft, rape, assault, attempted murder, and robbery with violence. The
    two suspects detained at the roadblock have the last names of Álvarez Alvarado and Lacayo Lacayo, said the Fuerza Pública. Álvarez has been detained for aggravated robbery, faking documents, receiving stolen goods, drug trafficking
    and international drug trafficking. Lacayo has been detained for illegal possession of firearms, resisting arrest and drug use, said the Fuerza Pública.

    Where are these career criminals now? Back on the streets?

  • prdatki

    What needs to be done is the President, Congress and the Judges are fired and sent to hard labor camps , Then the death penalty is put in to law. These people have no business living.

  • Aitor Xaranga

    Pura Vida! That’s why the Nicas are still here and not assaulting their “paisas” in Nicaragua…

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