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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
20 years

Police destroy more than a thousand marijuana plants

Photo courtesy of the Fuerza Publica.

Photo courtesy of the Fuerza Publica.

August 12th, 2013 ( Authorities found and destroyed more than a thousand marijuana plants in Savegre de Aguirre, Puntarenas on Saturday.


Authorities were tipped off that there were two plantations growing marijuana in the area.


Seven police officers required an hour and half to hike six kilometers through difficult terrain in order to locate the plantations.


One of the plantations measured 50 square meters by 30 square meters and the other measured 75 square meters by 30 square meters, according to a report issued by authorities.


Police have so far have been unable to make any arrests.


On August 5th, police officers in Perez Zeledon destroyed a total of 2,820 marijuana plants that were discovered in Ojo de Agua, in San Isidro, Perez Zeledon, and were able to detain two suspects.



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  • disgusted

    Open letter to the Diputados and President. Your missing opportunity here for the Costarricenses here to earn a living and for you to collect taxes. There are many areas in the USA and Canada that sell openly and collect taxes as well. This would be a boom to CR. The “war” on marihuana has been lost decades ago. Wake up .

    • Randy Roden

      Beg to differ with you sir. I know of no Mary Jane Company paying taxes in the U.S. Maybe you can enlighten me. Hope so!

      • disgusted

        State sells tax to start with. Near Oakland,Ca a shop sells and yes charges sells tax.

  • observer

    I agree with disgusted. Uruguay is making their move now. I do want to note though that “50 square meters by 30 square meters” gives you a 4 dimensional space, which if you smoke enough weed would seem reasonable. I suspect it was actually 50 meters by 30 meters, which would result in 1500 square meters?

    • turbooperator

      Santo mierda ! (can I say that?) looks like we are getting into string theory now. light up another!

  • prdatki

    Donna Chiwawa and her Crooks should be fired, it is time to Legallize and Tax Marihuana. The money should be used to improve the schools.

    • Randy Roden

      Yeah! Nothing like a bunch of hop heads walking around town high on weed to encourage the kids to learn more in school!! Think that will happen?????

      • prdatki

        If you legalize it you thake the fun out of it,ask the kid down the street he / she can buy it any time.

      • venom90

        have you seen that ”book” by snoop dog? why not wright a book telling kids how to rape and not get caught?

  • SirVivor

    It is not only a waste of resources, but also an unjustifiable moralistic attack against a plant and an overly harsh punishment for a crime with NO victims.

  • venom90

    someone help me pick a sad face.

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