U.S. pedophile arrested in Jaco on Monday was deported this morning


August 9th, 2013 (InsideCostaRica.com) The Department of Immigration has announced that U.S. citizen Kirk William Owen was deported this morning.  Authorities revoked his tourist visa citing the man’s “risk profile.”  Authorities confirmed that Owen left the country via the Juan Santamaria Airport.


Owen was arrested in Jacó on Monday under an INTERPOL Red Alert.


The man had apparently entered the country 14 times since November 14th, and registered 25 entries into the country via the Paso Canoas border with Panama.  The man’s movements were apparently done in order to maintain a tourist visa in the country.


Freddy Montero, Deputy Minister of Interior, said that Owen never obtained residency in the country and would exit and re-enter the same day in order to maintain his tourist status.


Owen was convicted on January 5th, 1987 by a court in Sedgwick, Kansas for sexual offenses against a minor.  He was later convicted a second time, on December 16th, 2002 by a court in Beaver, Oklahoma, again for sexual offenses against a minor.


Interpol issued a Red Alert for the man on July 30th.  He was located very soon after in Jaco beach.


Owen also apparently has a pending case in Costa Rica for assault with a firearm.8

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        Where might one find Guanstle?

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        What does your internet problem have to do with this story?

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          Mr Thomas is concerned and looking for answers which he can’t find on the forum that is so messed up even the moderator has not accessed it since 16-June

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    • MJ

      He won’t last long in a US prison.

    • Chris Thomas

      Does anyone know what this guy did for a living obliviously he had alot of cash trips back and forth and driving a Porche in Jaco

    • Joe1047

      How is it that this man managed to leave the US with 2 prior convictions? I am assuming he wasn’t travelling under a false passport as they managed to find him in a couple of days.

    • CliffWilcoxenPedophile

      first, this guy didn’t spend one day in jail because the crimes he plead no contest to were very minor! No Sex and No TouchingFYI and he is not wanted anywhere for anything. The case in CR was a disgruntled neighbor said owen tried to hit him with his car (agress. con arma, no gun) He has never and will never spend any time in prison, the finest, most honest man in jaco- bar none.