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Nicaragua insists that oil concessions in its territory, Colombia and Costa Rica disagree

Nicaragua president Daniel Ortega

Nicaragua president Daniel Ortega (Archive)

August 5th, 2013 ( The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, said oil exploration concessions granted by his country are in the maritime areas that apply to Nicaragua and that “Costa Rica and Colombia falsely” claim as their own.


Ortega said the concessions are within territory clearly defined as Nicaraguan by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), during a ceremony with Nicaragua’s army.


The president said that he has given exploration rights to U.S., Canadian and Spanish firms to explore for oil and gas in areas of the Caribbean Sea which Nicaragua claims as its territory recognized by the ICJ on 19 November.


The International Court of Justice ruled on November 2012, a border dispute between Nicaragua and Colombia over the Archipelago, in which Bogota recognized sovereignty over the islands of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina, and on the adjacent keys, and granted Managua maritime corridors.


Ortega said that Colombia and Costa Rica are “losing sight” that “what Nicaragua is doing is obeying the ruling of the Court.”


“We are acting according to law. And we can prove in any international organization where you want to take the case, as Costa Rica speaks of taking the case to international organizations,” said Ortega.


The government of Costa Rica claims that 18 areas in the Pacific Ocean and 55 in the Caribbean Sea where Nicaragua plans to explore for oil is Costa Rican territory.


Colombia is also protesting Nicaragua’s moves.  “Nicaragua is offering blocks for exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons, offshore in the Caribbean Sea, which include areas that belong to Colombia,” the country said.


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  • prdatki

    Costa Rica should live up to the Contracts and let oil expolaration begin, Donna Chiwawa, should resign as President!

    • jdennisg

      Down with Big Oil! No drilling here, please. Get over it, the oil will soon be gone anyway. Why prolong the agony? We DO NOT need this kind of environmental tragedy here, now or ever. Stick to your guns, Laura! (Just this once she happens to be on the right track.)

  • georgechapogas

    in other news from nicaragua 147% of voters in jinotega voted sandinista and daniel maintains a 70% approval rating proving once again when the right wins there are marches and arson, when the left win everyone whispers.

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