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An “agreement” between NGOs and turtle egg poachers may have led to Jairo Mora’s death


August 1st, 2013 ( An alleged agreement between the NGO for which murdered environmentalist, Jairo Mora worked may have led to his death, according to information provided by the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), which came after Mora had reported receiving death threats.


The agreement between the NGO and the turtle egg poachers had put into place a program where the NGO would provide a $300 per month payment in exchange for handling over all the turtle eggs they collected.


Problems began when the money ran out, according to sources.


However, the Prosecutor General of the Republic, Jorge Chavarria, said be believes the motive for the crime was simple assault.  “It is a coincidence in time and space that Mr. Jairo Mora was on that site.  The assault is the motive for the crime,” he said.


The suspects arrested on Wednesday are also suspected in of attacking a couple and two childen along the same area of beach just 10 days before the murder of Mora.


The suspects are four men: Solomon Melendez (suspected for the previous attacks), Philip Aaron (suspect in the murder of Jairo Mora and has a history of murder and drug trafficking), William Delgado (suspect in the case of Jairo Mora), Hector Cash (suspect in both cases), Enrique Centeno (suspect in Mora’s murder) and Bryan Quesada (suspected in both cases).


The women were also arrested in suspicion of receiving stolen property.


Authorities said wiretaps and the tracking of cellular telephone communication played an important role in the investigation.


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  • disgusted

    I know this is just a dream. However, I would like to see Costa Rica have a big prison and start locking up these thieves,rapist, pedophiles and murders. I am not sure Jairo Mora death going to be the momentum to do anything let alone lock up his murder. This was a well planned attack separating him from others. Limon and other areas here in CR are just plain dangerous period. Shame on President Chinchilla and Diputados for not getting ahead of this to save this country.

    • georgechapogas

      just do not report all the crimes here because it would be like “diario” and reported by people that “barely speak spanish”. besides crackheads and whores make up all the killings and shootings like the shooting in the coco cop shop or the assaults in front of the Z on expats. shhhhhhhh.

  • El Torito

    Once again, we see a number of career criminals who have been allowed to continue the pursuit of their chosen livelihood at the peril of a hapless public.

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