One in ten drivers found to be drunk so far this year

Transitos Costa Rica

July 4th, 2013 ( Traffic Police have conducted 8,245 Breathalyzer tests so far this year, of which 1,005 were positive and 840 exceeded the legal limit and the driver referred to the courts.


The Traffic Police said that this year’s mid-term holidays means intensified operations to curb speeding and drunk driving.


Expect to see an increased presence from the Traffic Police on Route 27 (San José – Caldera), Route 1 (Puntarenas – Guanacaste) and the Autopista General Cañas, as well as areas of Grecia, Palmares, San Ramon, Route 32 and Route 2 (San José – Cartago).

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    • Ken Morris

      One in ten OF THOSE TESTED. If the police only administer breathalyzers to those they suspect are drunk, having only 10% fail is kind of low. On the other hand, maybe the cops are giving breathalyzers to almost everyone, so 10% would be high. Until we know who’s tested and why, we simply don’t have meaningful data.

      • georgechapogas

        if you would notice, most of the recent ICR reports do not have meaningful data. they seem to want to not publish anything that is going on in costa rica. the murders and crimes in expat communities are mostly avoided and they are primarily the news we need. all this health, climate, survey fluff is pure crap.