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Bill would use Costa Rican police as guinea pigs for biomedical research

Costa Rica police

July 1st, 2013 ( Police officers could be used as guinea pigs for biomedical research under a bill that could pass the Legislature soon.


Xiomara Rojas, general secretary of the Independent Union of State Workers (SITECO), filed a complaint against the bill – known as the Regulatory Bill on Biomedical Research – which was approved by the Committee on Social Affairs and is ready to be adopted by lawmakers.


The bill “contains an article that is clearly illegal, contrary to international standards and the rights of the human person.  This is article 64, which creates a group of people called ‘subordinate,’ on whom biomedical research can be conducted, among which includes the police.  This standard does not exist in any country in the world, precisely because it is absolutely illegal, contrary to international conventions on the subject and is a violation of the human rights of the police in our country,” Rojas said.


“[The union] flatly opposes that police officers be handled as guinea pigs for any biomedical research.  Once again the police are considered second-class citizens,” union leaders said.


The union said it demands that the Minister of Public Safety defend the police and prevent them from being forced to participate in such research.


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  • disgusted

    WOW! You cannot make this stuff up. The lawmakers/Diputados are out of their ever loving mind coming up with this Idea. I suggest they( Diputados) become the biochemical guinea pigs they would not be missed if and when something goes wrong. It is very clear there are many class distinctions here in Costa Rica . It reminds me of animal farm some are more equal than others.

  • jdennisg

    Does anyone think that any of these “legislators” actually read any of the bills that they put forth, or pass? I think that the legislature needs a screening committee made of retired Sala IV justices – or possibly anyone with an actual mind!

  • Daryl Smitts

    What can one say about something so absurd? Except for maybe… “only in Costa Rica.”

  • Bill Peace

    This would definitely put a kibosh on CR citizens wanting to service in the police!

  • deveondog

    Wow!!! I thought I had seen or heard everything in this country

  • turbooperator

    This law was intended to allow clinical trials of drugs. Currently this does not occur and stifles research. This law does not allow participation in clinical trials without informed consent It was reportedly written to comply with numerous international laws covering bio-medical research and clinical trials. This was reported on in local media outlets earlier this year.

    • Timothy Williams

      Actually, the ‘informed consent’ part is ‘informed’ as part of your employment contract to be a police officer in the Fuerza Publica, as Article 64 is written. Meaning that potentially if you don’t consent, you can’t be a (or stay) a police officer. You are correct, however, in stating that it is for the clinical trial of drugs.

      • turbooperator

        It would appear, according to article 64, that students, medical professionals in the health services field and prisoners (persons deprived of their liberty) are also included in the sub-ordinate group along with the police and security forces.

  • disqus_v9D6Z8jjT0

    You need to print the name(s) of the author(s) of this “legislation” mad scientist insanity.

    • turbooperator

      El proyecto fue propuesto por el Ministerio de
      Salud y puesto en conocimiento de la Asamblea Legislativa
      a iniciativa de los legisladores Alicia Fournier Vargas, Gloria Bejarano Almada
      y Francisco Aixa. And just to mention a few of the institutions consulted:
      Ministerio de Salud

      Ministerio de Hacienda

      Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología

      Ministerio de Comercio Exterior

      Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social

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