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20 years

Costa Rica supports Nicaragua Canal plan if national territory not affected


Foreign Minister, Enrique Castillo (Archive)

Foreign Minister, Enrique Castillo (Archive)

June 17th, 2013 ( The government of Costa Rica supports Nicaragua’s effort to build a transoceanic canal that would dwarf the Panama Canal, calling it “positive,” so long as the route wouldn’t pose any risk to its territory, officials said on Friday.


“We have no objection and welcome with enthusiasm Nicaragua building a project that contributes to their development and helps the Nicaraguan people become a prosperous people in the future,” told reporters.


Castillo said that Costa Rica has no objection, so long as the canal does not affect the rights of Costa Rica or its territory, especially in regards to the Rio Colorado near the border.


A majority of Nicaragua’s parliament approved on Thursday a measure that gives a Chinese company a concession, which could last up to a century, to build what is being called a “mega canal” between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.


According to Nicaragua, the project will also include railways, pipelines, ports, airfields, and free trade zones on both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts.  The work is expected to take 10 years, at a cost of $40 billion.


The Nicaraguan government, however, has not yet revealed the route of the canal.


Castillo said that the Chinese government has given Costa Rica assurances that no Chinese company would be allowed to build a canal through the Rio San Juan, over which Nicaragua holds sovereignty, but on which Costa Rica maintains navigation rights.


Castillo also said that Costa Rica has received official communication from Nicaragua saying that the canal would not be located on the Rio San Juan.



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  • Ken Morris

    This is pathetic. Who is Costa Rica to imagine that Nicaragua wants or needs its blessings for a development inside Nicaragua? Only if (as a few suspect will happen) Panama objects and Costa Rica is called upon to take sides would Costa Rica’s support be relevant. Right now Costa Rica is just strutting around like a rooster pretending to be in charge even though its head is cut off. The country blew the opportunity to get in on a win-win deal that in 20 years will turn it into the poor stepchild of the isthmus, but prefers its present hubris to farsighted economic development. This is a fatal mistake, and future generations of Ticos will pay the price.

    • toolman78

      No worries, there will plenty of openings in the agricultural sector when the Nicas start finding better work in their own country.

  • turbooperator

    I may have misread the article, but I see nothing about Costa Rica giving its blessings to Nicaraguan internal development, only that we support development that does NOT affect our territory or our people. Maybe a subtle difference, but a difference nonetheless.

  • curious

    Hmmmm. Do you think that the future “milking” of oil reserves off the coast of Costa Rica will be augmented by a readily available canal services? Maybe the powers that be, aren’t quite so short-sighted as some think. I’m not saying, however, that I agree with their materialistic and pocket-lining thinking by any means.

  • Bob Cash

    @Ken Morris – doesn’t the fact that CR retains navigation rights on the obvious best route (San Juan River) give voice to agree or disagree -

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