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Costa Rica participates in global protest against Monsanto

genetically modified corn sign

May 27th, 2013 ( A group of Costa Ricans and foreigners participated in the global day of protest against Monsanto on Saturday.  The company has been making a push to plant transgenic corn in Costa Rica this year.


President of the Ecologists Federation, Mauricio Alvarez, said on Saturday that about 450 cities worldwide participated in the protests.  Alvarez said that Monsanto’s business practices displaced small farmers and increased pesticide contamination.


Communities across Costa Rica have organized to prevent the planting of transgenic crops.  Currently 56 of 81 cantons have declared themselves “GMO-free.”


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  • K Schnelle

    so you wonder why all of a sudden there’s all this “gluten free” movement due to glutenous allergies? it’s simple – it’s because of all the genetically modified grains/nuts Monsanto created that our bodies aren’t able to process the way nature meant for it to be. go look it up.

  • georgechapogas

    stupids march while smarts buy Monsanto stock. great company. 65 billion market cap and growing to feed the world.

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