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20 years

Woman dies after being ran over by speeding traffic officer

May 17th, 2013 ( A 76-year-old woman died Wednesday night near the front of her home after being hit by a traffic officer on a motorcycle.  The accident occurred in Esparza, Puntarenas, at about 10:40pm.


The deceased was identified as Daisy Mondragon Rapso.  Authorities said that the woman was dragged about 60 meters, amputating one of her hands and killing her instantly.


A fellow traffic officer who responded to the scene performed an alcohol test on the traffic officer involved, which came back negative.


The traffic officer was apparently on his way to return his official motorcycle and other work gear at the end of his shift.


A neighbor who witnessed the accident said that the traffic officer was traveling at a high rate of speed when he hit the woman, dragging her some 60 meters down the road.


The woman was apparently picking plants which she used for home remedies, which she would do each night, when she was hit by the traffic officer.



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  • mhogan

    What a sad commentary. Ofttimes I see police and ambulance vehicles driving extraordinarily fast and I suspect many times it’s not because of some emergency. In this case, getting off work and a return of official equipment does not constitute speeding. What’s the difference between an “ordinary” citizen returning to his workplace at the end of the day versus a cop? Why should one think he’s entitled to excess speed while the other would get a ticket for such an offense? No difference, no excuse. The cop should be prosecuted; but this is CR and we know the outcome.

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