Chinese president could visit Costa Rica in June

Xi Jinping

May 15th, 2013 ( Chinese president Xi Jinping could visit Costa Rica in June as part of a tour of Latin America that could also include visits to Venezuela and Mexico, according to information from Casa Presidencial.


Costa Rican authorities say that have extended an invitation to the Chinese president, though they have yet to receive official confirmation that Jinping will visit the country.


Jinping, who came into office on March 14th, has put a focus on Latin America and Africa as producers of raw materials for China’s growing economy.


The Chinese leader previously toured the African continent to promote investment and cooperation with countries such as Tanzania and South Africa.  Jinping has also met with the leaders of Brazil, Russia, and India to promote projects such as the creation of a development bank.


Jinping will remain in office for the next ten years.

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    • disgusted

      Xi Jinping, Says Shark Fin soup is my favorite?? We will send over more tainted food, toys and medicine. thank you Costa Rica.