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U.S. Citizen found dead in Golfito

May 14th, 2013 ( A U.S. citizen identified as Davis James Hamilton, 30, was found dead in a cabina located in Playa Cacao, Golfito, surrounded by alcohol bottles and garbage, according to the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ).


According to authorities, an employee of the cabinas called 911 after finding Hamilton’s body while trying to bring the man breakfast.


Sources said that Hamilton visited Costa Rica every three months, and always stayed at the same cabinas.  The owner of the location said that Hamilton had arrived in the country 15 days ago.


Hamilton was last seen in the presence of a young person.  Paramedics said that they saw no obvious signs of weapon-related trauma, but after finding no vital signs decided to not disturb the scene.


The man’s body was sent to the Forensic Science Complex where an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death.

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  • Deborah Dean

    Our family was contacted that DAVID Hamilton (my cousin) died while in Costa Rica. The American Embassy notified his daughter of the death. However, the only information we have been able to find on the internet is on Davis James Hamilton. This is NOT our relative. Now there is much confusion and my cousin is not aged 30. On the Costa Rica FB page there is a photo. This should be delted since this is not of the person whom passed away, but for shock value.

    It is hell being in the United States and not getting answers.
    Is the person who died Davis James Hamilton aged 30 or David Hamilton older aged? What state in the USA did they have Davis James Hamilton listed as residing at?

    Please, can you help find answers!.

    Deborah Hamilton Dean

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