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CCSS treating two more cases of buttocks infections

April 12th, 2013 (  Two more patients are being treated in CCSS hospitals for infections in their buttocks after undergoing cosmetic medical procedures.


The information comes according to the chief of surgery at the San Juan de Dios Hospital, Eliezer Jimenez, after the death of a special education teacher who died on Tuesday due to complications caused by a cosmetic procedure to her buttocks, after spending 76 days in the hospital.


The latest two patients are being treated at Hospital Mexico and Calderon Guardia Hospital.  Jimenez did not provide additional details on these cases, but reiterated that the situations were very similar to the one that took the life of Maidury Granados, 33, on Tuesday.


Granados’ complications began on January 9th, after she underwent a procedure to enlarge her buttocks.  The procedure was performed by a person who was not an experienced plastic surgeon, at a clinic without the minimum conditions for such a procedure, according to Jimenez.


Granados was admitted to the San Juan de Dios Hospital on January 23rd, where doctors found pints of pus in her left buttock.  After attempting to control the infection through drainings and other methods, doctors resorted to amputating the woman’s left leg on April 8th in an attempt to control the infection and save the woman’s life.


Nevertheless, Granados passed away on Tuesday, due to multiple organ failure, after bacteria contaminated her blood.


Francisco Segura, director of the Judicial Police, said Granados’ death is being handled as a criminal investigation.


Meanwhile, prosecutors are currently investigating three other cases of cosmetic procedures gone awry, including that of former judge, Elizabeth Tosi Vega, who died on September 23rd, 2011 due to complications from a cosmetic procedure she had performed at a private clinic in Tibas.


In January, former model Cristina Garcia accused a surgeon in Santa Ana of deforming her buttocks after injecting it with a substance.  The case against the surgeon, for negligent injury, is pending in the Pavas prosecutor’s office.  The clinic involved in that case was not licensed to perform such procedures, and the doctor had no specialized training in cosmetic surgery.


A doctor in Liberia is also accused of deforming a woman’s abdomen after performing a procedure to remove a scar from a previous cesarean.


Cristina Garcia buttocks

Former model, Cristina Garcia, accused a doctor in Santa Ana of deforming her buttocks in January.

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  • disgusted

    Bad breast implants, Now injecting into the buttock just for a round butt! But.. of course it is not the doctors fault. “”No es mi culpa”". Ladies please just be your natural self your pretty already..

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