Costa Rican Consumer Confidence Index showed no signs of improvement in first quarter

April 8th, 2013 ( There was little variation during the first quarter of this year in Costa Ricans’ feelings about their and their country’s current and future economic situation.


On a scale of zero to ten, Costa Rica’s Consumer Confidence Index registered at 4.4 in the month of March, a slight increase from 4.3 in February but identical to March 2012.


The index has not registered a score above 5 since February 2011, which authorities would take as a sign of consumer confidence.  This makes the period the longest stretch of pessimism -26 months- since the indicator was created in January 2005.


The index is developed and based on a monthly survey by polling firm Unimer.


In the past two years, consumer confidence peaked in March 2011, at 5.1 points.

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  • Mickey Atkinson

    Maybe it is because of a stupid president ,crooked congress and over paid state employees!

  • disgusted

    Let see about 60% of all jobs are connected with the government. This got to be flawed survey I say more of 1.1 rating.

  • mhogan

    When an established Tico bank manager worries about buying a $140,000 home, can you imagine the discomfiture of the average folk? There is uncertainty in job sustainability. Maybe la presidenta should focus on a sustainable economy instead of a preoccupation with the environment, or there may be more people claiming a “tree” as their principal residence.

    • disgusted

      Yeah you make a good point . I wonder what the foreclosure rate is here?? I have known two families in my bario where Kicked out and bank took back the property the house was about 70K and sold again. Seems like a win win for the bank and total loss for the family.