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47% of Costa Ricans support a secular state

Cartago Bishop Jose Francisco Ulloa


April 1st, 2013 ( The Catholic Church may be loosing its grip on Costa Rica.  According to a survey by Unimer, conducted for the newspaper La Nacion, 47% of the Costa Rican population would rather live in a secular state.


And, the sentiment is increasing – in 2011, the number of people who said they would prefer to live in a secular state was 41%.


In addition, 30% of those surveyed in the most recent poll said they didn’t care if Costa Rica has an official religion or if it was secular.  Costa Rica is officially a Roman Catholic country.


Only 23% of those polled supported having the official religion, down from 27% in October 2011.


Costa Rica is one of the last western countries to still maintain an official state religion.

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  • Mickey Atkinson

    The Goverment gives the Church over 900,000 dollars a year, for what? The money would be better used for schools. The Church should pay tax, some where around 33%. The Clergy should be taxed.

    • georgechapogas

      no one should have 1/3 of their income confiscated. that is just hateful.

  • Daniela Rosaura

    O, beatcha ata game a dominoooos.

  • Randy Roden

    In the U.S. quite a few people don’t look to the Catholic Church for any help. There have been so many Pedophile Priests protected,and hidden by the Catholic Church, to avoid prosecution ,
    they don’t think it will help them But many of the abused young boys parents followed the transfered Pedophile Priests ,and Sued the Catholic Church for them ruining the lives of so many boys. One Dad of one of the ruined boys said” Just let me in the jail cell with that S.O.B for 15 minutes and I will drop the charges.” It goes without saying, the law wouldn’t let him do that. The Catholic Church paid out maby,many MILLIONS of dollars to keep that scandel out of the newspapers. That didn’t work either..SOOO SAD!

  • Lawrence Horn

    it’s all about control

  • Marcel M. Pfister

    Most modern nation-states are completley secular. I consider the fact that Costa Rica has the Roman Catholic Church embedded in the constitution as the “religion of the state” as serious flaw. Religion has no place in the public space, as far as I am concerned.

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