CONAVI to install plastic manhole covers to prevent theft

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February 8th, 2013 ( The National Roads Authority (CONAVI) has decided to buy plastic manhole covers in order to prevent their theft, as normal steel manhole covers are routinely stolen to be sold as scrap metal to recyclers.


So far, CONAVI has acquired 70 of the high-strength, polyethylene manhole covers, which they say are able to withstand loads of up to ten tons.


Although the water and sewer company, AyA, is actually responsible for manhole covers, CONAVI decided to place the new plastic covers where there are currently manhole covers missing in order to prevent serious accidents to drivers or pedestrians by having open holes in the middle of the street.


In a press release sent Wednesday, CONAVI clarified that these new manhole covers are made from a type of plastic that cannot be recycled, making them unattractive to thieves.


The information provided by CONAVI does not indicate the cost of each cover.

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