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Gas Pump

February 6th, 2013 (InsideCostaRica.com) The price hikes for gasoline and diesel that were announced last week finally went into effect this morning.


The price of “super” gasoline will increase by 43 colons per liter, for a total price of 718 colons per liter, or 2,717 (about $5.36) per gallon.


Regular gasoline has increased from 643 colons to 678 colons per liter, an increase of 35 colons per liter, or 2,566 (about $5.03) per gallon.


The prices of diesel is also 8 colons per liter higher today, for a total price of 640 colons per liter, or 2,423 (about $4.78) per gallon.


ARESEP said that the increase is due to speculation in the international market, as well as a rise in fuel demand in China during the last days of 2012.


Cooking gas also went up in price this morning. The 21-liter cylinder will now cost 8,027 colons (an increase of 163 colons), whilst the 34-liter cylinder went from 12,583 colons to 12,844, increasing by 261 colons.


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