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20 years

Ex-con arrested in murder, dismemberment of 18-year-old woman



Centeno is accused of the rape, murder, and dismemberment of an 18-year-old woman. He is also a suspect in the rape of a minor.

February 1st, 2013 ( An ex-con remains in custody today on suspicion of dismembering and butchering 18-year-old Joselyn Calderon Navarro, a resident of Rincon Grande de Pavas, in San Jose.


The suspect, a 32-year-old construction worker identified by the last name Centeno, was released from prison in September after serving 12 years for aggravated robbery and rape.


Following an investigation, agents of the Homicide Section of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) were able to arrest the man last Monday in Rincon Grande de Pavas, were both the suspect and the victim lived.


Besides the murder of Calderon Navarro, prosecutors have confirmed that the man is also a suspect in the October rape of a minor, also in Pavas.


The murder of Calderon Navarro occurred when she left her home to a nearby residence, apparently to sell cosmetics.


The victim never reached her destination.  It was not until November 24th when workers found the arms, leg and head of a woman close to the Torres River, near the Tobias Bolanos airport.  The body parts were partially covered with leaves and soil.


A birthmark on her forearm and a bracelet of an international soccer team that she wore identified the victim.  Shortly after, OIJ confirmed her identity via fingerprints.


The suspect in the murder had previously been sentenced on January 6th, 2000, to 16 years and 8 months in prison on charges rape and aggravated robbery.  He was released four years early, in September 2012.


Since his release, the suspect has lived in a rented house with an unidentified woman in the same neighborhood as the victim.  That house was raided on Tuesday as investigators conducted a search using Luminol in hopes of finding traces of blood.


Joselyn Calderon Navarro

Joselyn Calderon Navarro’s body was found dismembered near the Pavas airport.


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