9 out of 10 corporations have not yet paid tax; deadline on Thursday

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January 28th, 2013 (InsideCostaRica.com) The deadline for payment of annual corporate taxes is Thursday, and as of Friday, only 11% of registered corporations had paid the obligation.


So far, less than 59,000 corporations have paid, out of the 550,000 registered in the country.


The tax is 189,700 colons per year for active corporate entities, and 94,850 for inactive corporations.  After January 31st, there is a late payment fee of 54 colons per day on active companies and 27 for those that are not active.


In order to make the payment, the only information is necessary is the corporate entity’s legal cedula number (“cedula juridica”).


Payment can only be made at Banco de Costa Rica (BCR) branches. The bank will be extending their business hours until the 31st.


In order to find out how much taxes are due for a corporation, residents may visit the web page of the national registry at http://www.rnpdigital.com.



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