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20 years

Court drops murder charges against Anne Maxine Patton

Anne Maxin Patton trial

Foto: Luis Navarro

January 22nd, 2013 ( The Perez Zeledon Court dropped its charges and absolved Anne Maxine Patton, who was suspected of murdering her husband, yesterday afternoon.  After deciding it had insufficient evidence to convict her, the court set Patton free, and dismissed the charges against her.


Patton, since her husband’s death, has always maintained her version of the events, stating her husband, John Felix Bender, had committed suicide.  Bender died from a gunshot wound to the head.


Though many witnesses, experts, and according to prosecutors, evidence placed doubts on her version of the events, the court acquitted Patton of first-degree murder at 1:30pm yesterday.


Earlier, Patton was able to produce an email into evidence, in which her husband threatened to commit suicide.


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      • Sin Nombre

        Sordid things? What sordid things? Based upon what has been posted, published, and televised regarding what you call a ‘”tabloid” story’- the term carrying an overt implication of any lack of effort at fact checking – you have chosen to comment on nebulous “sordid things” as fact, when your use of “tabloid” casts serious doubt on the accuracy and veracity of the information gleaned from the sources on which you base your opinion. Sadly, in this comment you posted, you’re perpetuating that which has been underscored in every way in this story’s coverage and in so doing further denying any person’s freedom from being judged in perpetuity for rumors-made-fact. What else, then, is she guilty of, were you judge of all these “things” of which you’ve already implied you’d convict her? Not sordid, sir – sad. Very sad. What to many is sordid is the quickness to judge without any effort to consider the basic rights we all should feel safe as considering inviolate. The lack of care – why say these things without any effort to prove your point? – with which the term “sordid” is used, with no examples to support your “verdict” with regard the story you “admit” to following (are you ashamed of doing so? I’m not – this “story” is a continuing travesty that should frighten all of us…) equates to no possibility for anyone accused of a crime to expect fairness in your “court”. As Horsegal Raye says, all conjecture, supposition, and opinions…. Innocent until proven guilty – basic right, we can agree? – goes out the window. Very sad and very scary.

      • tulla53

        My best wishes to Anne.I belive in her,not Costa Ricas

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