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Clinic performing cosmetic surgeries without a license

Lindora Cosmetic Center

January 17th, 2013 ( Daisy Corrales, Minister of Health, stated that the Lindora Cosmetic Center in Santa Ana, where former model Cristina Garcia reported that her buttocks had been deformed from the use of PMMA biopolymer injections, only has a sanitary permit for outpatient services.


“Nothing else can be carried out in the clinic, because the doctor is not a surgeon,” she said.


However, surgeries on patients’ abdomens, breasts, and gluteus, among others, are carried out in the clinic, according to their web page. Moreover, when asked if surgeries were carried out in the clinic, the person that answered the phone at the clinic said yes.


On the other hand, the Minister informed that they are requesting a report on the confiscations that the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) carried out in the clinic on December 21st.


Meanwhile, the Minister said that they are requesting a report of what materials were confiscated from the clinic by the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) on December 21st, as part of the charges filed by Garcia.


“If we find unauthorized substances we will proceed accordingly. Likewise, if in the trial, it is determined that the clinic acted wrongly, we would proceed with shutting down the establishment, due to the fact that it was used with a different purpose than what it was authorized for,” she said.


Cristina Garcia reported that the substance that was injected in her body was the biopolymer PMMA, which is not approved for use in Costa Rica, neither for medical nor cosmetic purposes.


According to the Health Minister, the only approved substance for cosmetic and reconstructive procedures is hyaluronic acid, which, according to Corrales, is used as filling material in such surgeries.


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