Constitutional Court temporarily stalls construction of tourist walkway in Dominical


January 15th, 2013 ( The Constitutional Court has halted the construction of the “Playa Dominical Tourist Walkway” in Playa Dominical until a hearing requested by residents and neighbors of the area can be carried out.  Judges have partially admitted a claim that was filed after several abnormalities were reported.  Once the mayor receives the resolution, the hearing must be summoned within eight days.


Residents state that the project could damage their right to a healthy and ecologically balanced environment. Part of the community’s concerns is that, according to their arguments, palm and almond trees, among other species, would be cut down, which residents consider to be serious environmental damage.


There has been opposition to the walkway since 2010, and according to data from the Municipal Council, the construction is estimated to cost about 106 million colons ($212,000).


Community residents, however, argue that the funds should be used to improve the roads and sewage system, instead of a project, which they believe, damages the environment and nature of the area.  The argument over the walkway between the Municipal Council and area residents has seen tense moment in the past, in some causes requiring the intervention of police.


The mayor, meanwhile, states that the project will help the development of the community, promote more tourism, and improve the local economy.


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