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Doctor accused of destroying model’s buttocks denies any wrongdoing

Cristina Garcia

Former model, Cristina Garcia


January 14th, 2013 ( The doctor accused by former model Cristina Garcia of deforming her buttocks by injecting it with unapproved liquid silicone states he is not guilty for the injuries on the woman’s rear end.


He briefly explained his version through an email, saying that the model’s statements are not true.


“These accusations are completely false and slandering against me, the patient was discharged in a perfect state according to her file, she then presents these pictures with scars that were not carried out by me and accuses me…she never called nor did she ever get another appointment with me, in which she mentioned any possible complication…”


Regarding the fact that he is not a plastic surgeon, the doctor said:


“…I have never told anyone that I am a plastic surgeon, but rather an aesthetician, which has a different denomination and it is a type of specialist that does not exist in the Costa Rican College for Professional Doctors, but it does exist in many other countries…”



However, the Medical College stated that the institution is opening an investigation on the matter. According to the institution’s regulation, a doctor cannot promote himself as providing a specialty that does not exist in the country. Found guilty, the doctor may receive disciplinary penalties.


The former model, meanwhile, responded to the doctor’s statements with another email, standing by her accusations:


“…It is false that I never advised (the doctor) of any complications. During the first appointment that I had on September 19, 2011, he injected me with 700 cubic centimeters of the toxic biopolymer PMMA, two months later I returned to the aesthetic center and what he did was take a syringe and extract part of the mortal substance…”


Cristina Garcia deformed buttocks

The substance that was injected was a liquid silicone.


The doctor also denied that there are currently 6 reports filed against him. However, the Pavas District Attorney’s office was able to confirm through its press office that there are 3 investigations in process against the doctor for injuries caused to patients.


The doctor said that he is presently out of the country, on vacation with his family.


On December 21st, the D.A. and agents from the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) raided his plastic surgery center, called Lindora Cosmetic Center, located in the Vistana Oeste shopping center in Santa Ana.


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