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Former model accuses doctor of deforming her buttocks

Cristina Garcia buttocks

January 10th, 2013 ( An former Costa Rican model has filed charges against a doctor of the last name Vargas Scott before the District Attorney, for deforming her gluteus by injecting a dangerous and toxic substance, according to the claimant.


Criminal lawyer, Juan Diego Castro, who is representing the model, stated that she had the doctor perform an aesthetical procedure in which implants were placed in her buttocks.  Shortly after, the model encountered serious complications as a result of Vargas Scott injecting PMMA (liquid silicon) biopolymer in her buttocks.  This is apparently the same substance that caused Mexican singer, Alejandra Guzman, to spend several weeks in the hospital.


The attorney stated that Vargas Scott, who is not a plastic surgeon, is under investigation by the Unit of Crimes Against Life in the Public Ministry.


On December 21st, the D.A. and agents from the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) raided his plastic surgery center, called Lindora Cosmetic Center, located in the Vistana Oeste shopping center in Santa Ana.


The report that was given to the judicial authorities states that the doctor charged the model $2,260 for the procedure. The ex-model visited the doctor’s office on September 19th, 2011, and, on that same day, he injected 700 cubic centimeters of the PMMA polymer in her buttocks.


The woman stated that she began to feel discomfort immediately. She said it became difficult to walk, and she felt a very intense pain when sitting and laying down. She began to feel hot, and redness and bruises began to appear.


“As the days went by, instead of taking shape, the region where the PMMA had been injected, was deformed. The product began to form a sort of capsule on her lower back, which caused pressure, producing a very strong and constant pain,” said Castro.


According to the report, the woman returned to Vargas’s clinic two months later, and according to the model, the doctor withdrew part of the toxic material with a syringe.


“However, instead of feeling relieved, the pain worsened, for which the victim, who lives outside of Costa Rica, returned to the country on January 23rd, 2012, and the doctor suggested injecting more PMAA. In total, he introduced [an additional] 75 cubic centimeters on each gluteus, and he recommended a series of medications for pain,” explained Castro.


The ex-model later consulted other medical experts, who advised her that the substance that she had been injected with was harmful to her health.  The ex-model then had to travel to the Los Angeles de las Lomas Hospital, located in Valle las Palmas, Huixquilucan, Mexico, in which Alejandra Guzman was also hospitalized, during the same time, for the same reason.


The woman said she had no other option but to submit herself to an expensive reconstruction process, which cost over $100,000 and has taken over 5 months, since July 31st to date.


“All the torment that she has gone through, due to a doctor’s negligence, caused terrible physical consequences. She must continue with treatment for the wounds, and has strict orders of avoiding all physical activities, exercise, and laying down on her gluteus or abdomen. The pain continues and her normal lifestyle has changed,” said Castro.


“A psychological evaluation made it clear that the victim has moderate depression and anxiety caused by the damage on her self esteem and confidence in herself, insecurity in her physical appearance, she’s scared, feels lonely, uncertainty and sadness, as part of a process of acceptance and grief,” said the attorney.


As part of the investigation of Vargas Scott, the ex model presented seven witnesses and documentation of her ordeal.

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