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Man who killed his partner, fled with baby to Nicaragua, still free

rio san juan / san juan river

The suspect fled across the Rio San Juan to Nicaragua in a wooden boat after the murder. (Stock photo)

January 3rd, 2013 ( A Nicaraguan man, identified by the last name Espinoza, murdered his girlfriend and then fled across the San Juan River to his native country with the woman’s three month old baby.


The murder occurred at 3:15 pm on December 31 in a two-story wooden house in front of the San Juan River in Chorreras Cutris in San Carlos de Alajuela.


The victim, Clarisa Yulily Urbina, 21 years old, and also Nicaraguan, was shot with a .22 caliber rifle.


The suspect, 27 years old, was able to flee before authorities could capture him.


Gerald Fields, regional head of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), reported that the assailant shot Urbina in the back of the head, which killed her instantly.


According to witness statements, after the fact, Espinoza left the house with his daughter on his left arm and a gun in his right hand.


“Without saying a word, he went to the bank of the San Juan River, where he boarded a wooden boat to make his escape to Nicaragua,” Fields said, based on witness statements.


Three hours after the crime, after being alerted by Costa Rican officials, authorities in Nicaragua informed the Costa Rican Judicial Police that Espinoza was in an area known as El Castillo.


However, as of yesterday, the suspect had not been arrested in that country because it requires a judicial proceeding.


“We know he’s on a farm, but the Nicaraguan police have not arrested him because he cannot be tried there for a crime committed here. The prosecutor’s office must make arrangements,” said Maricel Rodriguez, head of the OIJ press office.


Nicaraguan police reported to the OIJ that the child was delivered without physical harm to one of the suspect’s aunts who lives in Nicaragua.

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