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Driver that took out 9 utility poles flees from hospital


January 3rd, 2013 ( The driver of the vehicle that took out 9 utility posts in La Uruca (San Jose) has 10 working days to appear at the Traffic Court, after fleeing from Hospital Mexico.


The accident occurred on Tuesday at 5:40 am, in front of the Banco Nacional in La Uruca, when the driver of the vehicle, identified by the last name Vargas, collided against one of the poles, causing 8 other poles to collapse onto the roadway.


German Marin, director of the Transit Police, explained that the man was transferred to Hospital Mexico after the accident. However, authorities at the medical center noticed yesterday that the man had disappeared.


“When the transit police arrived at the hospital to speak with the driver, we noticed that he was no longer there, despite the fact that according to the doctors, they had not discharged him yet,” said Marin.


“He has not committed any crime by leaving the hospital, however, he now has 10 working days to present himself at the Transit Court and explain what happened. In case he does not follow through with that, the court must then take corresponding measures,” he added.


Luis Vega, director of the San Jose Transit Police, said that a notification has already been sent to the driver’s house.


“The 10 working days begin as of Monday, when the court opens,” he said.


Fructuoso Garrido, Distribution Director for the National Light and Electricity Company (CNFL), said the cost of the damage could be up to 60 million colons.


“At first, we had mentioned that the cost of the works might be about 45 million colons. However, we realized that a subterranean cable had also been damaged, increasing the cost to 60 million colons,” he said.


Due to the accident, the Police had to close the road for over 30 hours. The road was closed from the BMW dealership to the Pinturas Sur store.


Workers were able to reopen one lane in each direction as of last night.

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