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Semi-submersible narco-submarine intercepted, sinks with suspect and cocaine

narco submarine

A typical narco-submarine configuration

December 6th, 2012 ( A small submarine was intercepted on Tuesday night, the type that has come to be known as a ‘semi-submersible.’  The Costa Rican Coastguard intercepted the submarine 60 kilometers from the coast of Costa Rica.


The submarine ended up sinking, though it is not clear what caused the craft to sink.

Authorities presume that the submarine may have sunk with approximately 3 to 7 tons of cocaine, though authorities were only able to recover 76 kilograms.


Martin Arias, Coastguard Director, said the amount of cocaine which they were able to recover – 76 kilograms – is a very small amount for this type of vessel, which he says typically caries 3 to 7 tons.


According to Arias, the submarine was sunk to a depth of 1 kilometer of water, at which depth it is impossible for any of the packages to float to the surface due to the pressure at such a depth.


During the operation, the Costa Rican Coastguards arrested two men from Honduras and a Colombian man. The captain of the submarine drowned and died with the vessel.


The three men that were arrested will be facing trial in Panama, as the arrest occurred in Panamanian waters, with that country’s permission.  The drugs that could be recovered will also be delivered to Panamanian authorities.


Mario Zamora, Minister of Security, said that authorities are still flying over the area of the operation in order to rule out any drugs floating in the water. He also stated that there is a high possibility that the drugs were bound for Honduras.


On Tuesday night, authorities also confiscated 500 kilograms of cocaine in Siquirres, Limon.

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