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Police rescue eight sex slaves from nightclub in Guanacaste

human sex trafficking

December 3rd, 2012 ( On Friday night, police officers rescued 8 women between the ages of 18 and 30, who allegedly were forced by a woman to work as prostitutes for as little as 15,000 colons in a nightclub in Santa Rosa, Tamarindo, in Guanacaste.


During the police operation that ended on Saturday, authorities were able to rescue the victims – a Costa Rican woman, as well as Nicaraguans and Dominicans – from a nightclub called “Garden Girls.”


According to the Immigration Police, a woman, who is the main suspect and alleged ringleader of the operation was arrested, as well as the manager, a guard, and a bartender.


The female suspect, a nationalized Costa Rican, allegedly took the passports, money, and other identification documents of the victims in order to keep them in servitude.  Authorities do not yet know how long the victims have been held against their will.


The investigation revealed that the victims were brought into the country in an irregular manner, through the northern border, and were kept as sex slaves and for forced labor.


The District Attorney for Organized Crime stated that the women were forced to prostitute themselves for as little as 15,000 colons ($30).


An anonymous 911 call on November 20th alerted authorities to the situation, and the Immigration Police launched their investigation.


Authorities said that the women were not allowed to leave the facility and were threatened.


The female suspect allegedly decided the amount that clients were charged.


The security guard was in charge of not allowing the girls to leave, and keeping them under close watch. The guard was also in charge of collecting the cover fee, and alerting the other suspects of police presence.

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