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Robbers make off with $120,000 in Alajuela jewelry store heist


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November 21st, 2012 ( For the second time in the last year and a half, robbers struck the Atrezzo jewelry store in downtown Alajuela.


Reports indicate that shortly after 11:00am yesterday, a well-dressed man rang the doorbell of the secured entranceway of the store, posing as a customer. As the employee on duty buzzed in the supposed customer, a second armed man entered right behind the first man.


The duo then proceeded to tie up and gag the employee. Unofficial sources state that the robbers then proceeded to take approximately 60 million colons (about $120,000) worth of cash and jewels. The only items left behind were items displayed in the store’s windows, so as not to draw attention.  However, the most valuable items were found in the store’s safe.


After the heist, the two men walked out of the store, heading towards downtown Alajuela, where authorities presume a getaway vehicle was waiting.


“Two men entered the store, and were apparently armed with 9mm handguns equipped with silencers, they tied and gagged the employee and locked him inside an internal room in the store, and they took all the jewelry in the store, including the cash inside the safe,” said William Hidalgo, from the Municipal Police.


Judicial Investigation (OIJ) agents have confirmed that there are currently two men under arrest as potential suspects in the robbery. One of them was arrested in Infiernillo, Alajuela. The man was carrying 150,000 colons in cash and a large amount of jewelry.

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