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Court awaits Chinchilla’s arrival, demands President reinstate Cruz

November 20th, 2012 ( Magistrates are awaiting the return of President Laura Chinchilla, and are requesting a meeting with the President when she gets off the plane that is bringing her back from Spain this afternoon.


The president of the Supreme Court of Justice, Luis Paulino Mora, made the request yesterday along with other members of the Congress.


“I urge the legislators and the President of the Republic, to rectify this serious mistake, because far from restoring the Parliament, they are burying our motherland,” he said, after the legislator’s decision to not re-elect the magistrate Fernando Cruz.


Mora summoned Chinchilla during his speech, the first of 11 that spoke on Monday in a full court session that was filled with indignation, rather then solemnity.


Speaking about the situation from Spain, Chinchilla said, ”It seems that neither I, as the Executive Power, nor any other power, can deny it (the Legislative Assembly) to exercise that right (to not re-elect the magistrate).”


The Minister of Communication, Francisco Chacon, stated that the government does not have the authority to reinstate Cruz, and instead, proposed that the situation be resolved in a judicial manner.


The court, in an official communication, said, “We do not accept (a system) that is aligned with any particular political party, and we condemn the clear threats from the leaders of the government’s party,” referring to the PLN, the political party of President Chinchilla.


The statement was read aloud during yesterday’s session, while the 21 magistrates stood, ad did the large crowd that joined them, dressed in black, some holding banners and signs with pictures of Cruz.


Judges, District Attorneys, public defense representatives, and other officials representing 12,000 Judicial Branch employees attended the event, which according to the magistrates, “are all united due to this threat to judicial independence.”



Some members of the Judicial Power have said that they are even willing to leave their positions rather than allow the Court to be governed by political interests.


“This is a black November. All citizens with conscious should (protest),” said the magistrate Magda Pereira, in agreement with calls for a public protest on Thursday.


The government denies having any type of participation in the votes against Cruz, despite the fact that legislator Patricia Perez said that the Minister of Presidency, Carlos Ricardo Benavides, personally asked her to vote against Cruz’s reelection. Benavides denied that fact.

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