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Costa Rica motorcyclists to protest tomorrow

motorcyclists protest

November 20th, 2012 ( On Wednesday, at 11:00 am, groups of motorcyclists will protest in the streets of San Jose against the increase in the “Marchamo” (annual vehicle tax) and the increase in fiscal valuation that has been applied to all forms of motor vehicles in the country.  Motorcyclists have been especially hard hit because they received the largest increase in the annual Marchamo tax.


The Motorcyclists Civic Committee made the announcement during a press conference on Sunday.


The group is asking all motorcyclists to not pay the “Marchamo,” and to join the protest on Wednesday, which will begin at the INS buiding in downtown San Jose.


The group says its primary grievance is with the increase of the Marchamo rate.


“The amount to pay is a great impact on motorcyclists’ pockets, we believe that most of them are working class, and this is why we support them,” said Albino Vargas, a union leader.


The Reverend Roy Palavicini, president of the “Travels of the Kingdom” motorcycle club, said that the protest will be completely peaceful, and many will participate.


“We are summoning a peaceful protest, we are going to wear something white, either on the motorcycle or on our clothes, and we will travel, without meaning to get in anyone’s way, nor cause any type of problems,” he said.


All types of motorcyclists will be joining the protest, from fast food delivery drivers, messengers, those who use a motorcycle as their primary transport, as well as recreational motorcyclists.


The groups involved say some of their main reasons for protest include excessive cost with less coverage for mandatory insurance, and the disproportionate amount paid for motorcycles in comparison to other types of motor vehicles, such as cars and trucks.


“We are going to pay almost 90,000 colons for 3 million colons coverage, whereas last year, we paid the same amount, but the insurance coverage was for 6 million colons,” said Rafael Angel Mora, ex insurance agent and a motorcyclist.


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