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Second annual “Carrera del Coco” to be held December 8th, feature “national hero”

November 19th, 2012 ( The “Carrera del Coco” race will be held on December 8th, in Playas del Coco. The race, organized by the Asociacion de Desarrollo Integral del Coco (ADICOCO) in partnership with the Lion’s Club and with the support of private businesses and other organizations, is a non-profit event that seeks to promote the sport and other athletics in the area.


Funds raised from the event will be used to further promote athletics, activities and projects of this type. The organizers are inviting runners from around the country to come and participate in the unique race and run next to one of the most emblematic beaches in Costa Rica.


Both before and after the race, runners and their families will be able to enjoy the many activities and attractions of the beautiful Playas del Coco area.


This year, organizers decided to dedicate the race to a man that has become an iconic national athlete in Costa Rica.  A Guanacaste native, Leonardo Chacon Corrales represented Costa Rica at the London 2012 Olympics.  Chacon suffered a serious fall when another triathlete crashed into him during the triathlon.  Despite being injured, Chacon returned to his feet to complete the entire triathlon.  He later said the thought of giving up never crossed his mind.  Chacon also posted a message on the Facebook page of the other athlete, and in a true show of sportsmanship, indicated he had no ill will towards the other athlete.  Costa Ricans and the Costa Rican press heaped favor on Chacon, who has become a symbol of national pride.


Chacon will be present at the race, and may even participate if his coaches agree.


This will be the second annual running of the “Carrera del Coco” race, the first of which was ran in November of last year.


Brett Stapper, one of the businessmen assisting with, as well as participating in the event, told Inside Costa Rica that they are expecting some 400 people this year.


Stapper also said he expects many San Jose area residents will once again attend this year’s event.  “It gives them a reason to get out of the city and to participate in a worthwhile, community charity event in Guanacaste, an area that has been somewhat behind in development compared to the Central Valley,” he said.  “Leonardo Chacon has also become something of a national hero,” he added.


Inscription costs 8,000 colones and includes a T-shirt, hydration, and INS insurance.


More information can be found on their web site,


or by calling 2670-1868 between the hours of 8am and noon, Monday through Friday.

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