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Marriage between same sex partners is not negotiable, according to Church

November 15th, 2012 ( Oscar Fernandez, president of the Episcopal Conference, stated during the conference meant to affirm the positions of church bishops to priests and other church authorities in regards to important national matters, that there are things that the Church simply “does not negotiate,” such as marriage between partners of the same sex.


“Obviously, in our Christian lives there are certain things that are non-negotiable, for example that marriage is between a man and a woman; that is not negotiable, in other words, only a marriage between a man and woman is allowed by the Church. This does not mean that we won’t still listen, speak with, and have respect for those who think differently, but there are points in which the church does not negotiate,” said Fernandez.


A pamphlet presented to church authorities also mentions the church’s position in regards to in-vitro fertilization, sexual education, secular government, and the church’s ongoing agreements with the Costa Rican government.


Jose Rafael Quiros, bishop of Limon, stated that there are no secrets in the church’s agreements with the government and that after negotiations between the Vatican and the Costa Rican government, the points of the agreements are made public.


Costa Rica is officially a Catholic state, and the Vatican has significant influence over social issues in the country.

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