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A Fish out of Water, November 9th

A Fish out of Water

Friday, November 9th, 2012

There has been some heavy maintenance on many of the charter boats that will host anglers during Costa Rica’s awesome sportfishing high season that begins in earnest just about now.


Many captains pulled their boats out of the water during the rainy season to take advantage of the down time to paint the hulls, revamp the engines and do the important little chores like checking the expiration date on the flares. Preventive maintenance is the best insurance — and one key to any sportfishing enjoyment.


There are a billion things that could go wrong on a boat. Even a small runabout or trailored fishing boat may have 10 separate DC electrical circuits, pumps for the bilge, head and washdown, dozens of fittings, and many hundreds of fasteners like nuts, bolts, screws and clamps. And then we get into the engine, which is a new ball game, especially the big diesels.


Captain Alex Holden, owner of the 32ft Miss-Behav’in out of Los Sueños Marina in the Central Pacific, has given the boat a brand new look (see photos).


On the first charter on the Miss-Behav’in after  it was taken back to Los Sueños from Puntarenas where it had been hauled out of the water, Alex and his clients caught five yellowfin tuna, one wahoo and a mullet snapper before getting run off their spot by rain and lightning.


And after a thorough three-month overhaul that included installation of a totally rebuilt engine, Alex’s other boat, the 28ft La Manta, is now fully prepped in nearby Herradura Bay, ready to take anglers on great sportfishing adventures.

[nggallery id=3]

Bobby McGuinness, the award-winning IGFA Ambassador captain down in Golfito in the South Pacific, spent a couple of weeks scrubbing down, fine tuning and painting the 37ft Cazador. On his first charters once the boat went back into the water, Bobby had some great days.


On the first day offshore, fishing just south of Golfo Dulce, Bobby released five blue marlin and also added a dorado. On the next day, they released one blue marlin, one striped marlin, and were then rewarded with a very welcome 120lb yellowfin tuna.


The Miss-Behav’in, La Manta and Cazador are just three of the many sportfishing charter boats that will be in impeccable shape for the upcoming season. Things really get underway with a bang in mid-November with an impressive billfish — especially marlin — bite in the South Pacific. That bite moves slowly north, so by the time 2013 rolls in, it will have reached the great Central Pacific sportfishing destinations of Quepos and Los Sueños. And there’s tarpon on the Caribbean side.


P.S.: For those who questioned last week’s photos of anglers holding billfish out of the water, these are old stock photos. We apologize; our captains adhere to the new rules.

Richard Krug is the owner of Americana Sportfishing.  If you have any questions, want to book a charter or a sportfishing vacation, or have anything else on your mind related to Costa Rica fishing,  Richard can be reached at 1-800-407-9438 from the US or +506 2282-7215 or +506 8394-3629 in Costa Rica.  You can also email him at [email protected]   And, don’t miss A Fish out of Water in next Friday’s edition of Inside Costa Rica.

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