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ICE now offers digital cable TV service


October 30th, 2012 ( The Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) has taken its first steps in offering cable television, through a product called “Kolbi Hogar TV” ( Kolbi Home TV).


Jaime Palermo, client manager for ICE, stated that Kolbi Hogar TV is a television product that will be available in select areas initially and will expand as demand grows.


“ICE analyzed various factors before entering in the business of video entertainment. This allowed us to determine the best solution according to our client’s requirements, likes and preferences,” said Palermo.


“Kolbi Hogar TV offers a more competitive option on a national level, as it offers a complete solution through various products such as landline phone service, Kolbi Hogar Internet and Kolbi Hogar TV,” added Palermo, hinting to the company’s bundled offers.


Asked of his expectations for the new service, Palermo said “(Innovation) in the television market, in which clients can have a service based on interactivity, service, and new opportunities.”


To find out if the service is available where you live, clients may go to any of the ICE branches, or call 1115, and ICE will perform a study to determine whether the service is available in your specific location.


According to Palermo, ICE is offering various plans, which provide 87 digital channels in various categories – national, entertainment, movies, news, sports, among others; 49 audio channels, 11 pay per view channels, and access to video on demand with over 1,500 titles.


The service also includes functions such as parental control, an interactive guide, and the possibility to schedule reminders, among others.


In the HD plan, clients may have access to up to 10 HD channels.


Prices vary from $32.50 to $45 per month, depending on the plan.


“One of the main features in Kolbi Hogar TV is that it is 100% digital, which allows for clean and more detailed images, with more richness in color, accompanied by the best sound quality,” said Palermo.


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