Guanacaste mayors to receive $67 million to boost tourism, infrastructure after quake

October 9th, 2012 – It’s been over a month since the 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Nicoya. However, there are still clear consequences, a decrease in tourism being one of them.


Half empty hotels, desolate beaches, and half-filled restaurants describe the scene, according to many local businesspeople. According to Marco Jimenez, mayor of Nicoya, the earthquake made the already difficult low season, an even tougher one.


Jimenez said that as part of the measures to improve the area in general, the government’s executive branch would be allocating $67 million dollars, which will be used for the most urgent needs in the area.


The president, Laura Chinchilla, summoned the mayors of Guanacaste for a council meeting, in order to coordinate the dispersal and use of the funds.


The mayor of Nicoya also asked scientists from the Costa Rican Volcanology Observatory and the National Seismology Network to be more “restrained” when talking about possible future earthquakes in the popular tourist zone.

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