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Meet Costa Rica’s Most Wanted Man

Earlyn Benneth Rodriguez

OIJ photo of Earlyn Benneth Rodriguez

October 7th, 2012 – Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) agents are currently searching for Earlyn Benneth Rodriguez, who is charged with kidnapping Wendy Miranda, a model, and daughter of the owner of Autos Leo, in Barrio Cuba, San Jose.


In early January, three men, who had their faces covered and were carrying firearms, abducted the 31-year old woman from the business, forcing her into a Geo Metro, which carried a ‘for sale’ sign.


The kidnappers later demanded a ransom of $500,000 dollars for her release.


Benneth is leader of the gang which consisted of himself, Daniel Salas, Freddy Nieto, Marvin Scoth, Jonnathan Marin, Patricia Vivas and Vivian Astua.


It is reported that Benneth was a former bodyguard for the woman’s father.


Apparently while kept in captivity for several days, blindfolded, Miranda was also raped.  After receiving a portion of the ransom money, of which the family would not disclose the amount, the men released Miranda by throwing her out of a car in Heredia.


Upon Benneth’s arrest, the District Attorney requested preventive detention, but the request was denied by the judge, who set Benneth free on conditional release.


Benneth was requested to appear in court on Wednesday.   When he failed to show, The San Jose Penal Court gave him a 48 hour period to present himself by Friday. Benneth has not been heard from since, and has now been declared a fugitive.


As a result, Benneth’s attorney, Rafael Quesada Lamaitre, requested the judge to accept a motion to be removed as Benneth’s defense attorney.  Judges accepted his motion.


The trial continued in abstentia, with closing arguments from Pablo Cedeno, district attorney in the case.


Benneth and his gang are charged with kidnapping for ransom, aggravated robbery, and rape.



Benneth is no stranger to the law, having been previously arrested for stealing $100,000 worth of fertilizer in Moin.


Authorities presume Benneth may be in Limon, however, they do not rule out the possibility that he may still be in the Greater Metropolitan Area, and are using all possible resources to locate him. If you see Benneth, or have any information in regards to the man’s whereabouts, you may call OIJ at 2229-3255. Benneth is considered armed and dangerous.

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