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40 families remain without water almost one month after quake


NICOYA, COSTA RICA  – October 1st, 2012 – Nearly a month has passed since the 7.6 magnitude earthquake that rocked Costa Rica, and despite the fact that the human losses and overall damage were few, many families are still suffering the consequences of the September 5th quake.


In the small community of Pedernal, in Nicoya, 40 families were left without running water, and today – 25 days later, the situation remains the same. The Costa Rican Water and Sewage Company (AYA) has not yet responded. The municipality is left taking the families water in gallon containers, in an attempt to help them carry on with their normal lives.


The situation isn’t unique.  Many citizens are still waiting for authorities to remedy the fallout from the quake.


650 homes reported structural damage caused by the earthquake, of which authorities have visited only 450. The other 200 remain unseen, while the families try to make the best of the situation. Some, such as Xinia Perez and Jose Gomez, are living in homemade tents, covering themselves and their belongings with plastic and pieces of roof, while they wait for help to arrive.


Over 100 families in Nicoya are living in similar situations, the Ministry of Health declaring their homes uninhabitable.

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